TLC logo TLC #71:  Jan. 10, 2005

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
I write with heavy heart, having lost one of my best friends from 3rd grade  on. Liz Anne (White) Kramer died on Dec. 15 after a valiant 4 1/2 year battle with cancer - Mesothelioma and ovarian. She was LHS class of 1957 also.
Two weeks later her father, Clifton White, died at 91. Many of you know the family and may want to send her mother, Mary Elizabeth White, a card. If so, her address is 530 N. 17th St. in Lex 64067. Phone is 660-259-3767.
There will be a joint memorial service, for Liz and Whitey, here at the Presbyterian Church on Saturday 1/15 at 11 a.m. Anyone who would like to attend is very welcome. You may contact me if you have any questions: or 660-259-4559.
For those of you who do not know, my policy is to print notices of deaths only if someone requests it. This time I'm the one requesting it. Liz was a lot of fun, a great friend and a wonderful mother, grandmother, and wife to husband Mike. And everyone who knew him loved her father Whitey. They will be greatly missed.
Having delivered the sad news, I now wish you a happy 2005 and hope your holidays were joyous. I won't even mention the new grandson in our family, Alexander Kenneth Worthington born 12/20/04 in Denver. He is, of course, way above average. We spent our holidays delighting in him and his family and enjoying the company of Mary Kay Skelton '56 Smith and sainted husband David.
Others have been busy. Witness Harry Dunford's latest enterprise:
NOW HEAR THIS: Mr. Harry D. announces that he has entered the publishing business with the formation of his Blog. For the uninformed, this is a personal web-site which you can access and can read my notes, opinions, rants or whatever and to which you can send e-mails for publication on the site. Susan Worthington has a newsletter which goes to about 350 people and is titled The Lexington Connection. It is a fine piece of work and she often has photos of Lexington, both ancient and new. You can access that, I believe, by typing in Lexington Connection in Google. If not, I can get you the address if interested. She has been after me to enter into publishing which I have now done. My first brief article is now posted on my blog. The URL is User Name is: Lexitown, Password: rm3capa18.
This is an amusing read. I've been after Harry and also Slick Heathman to record their Lexington memories. They know all the good stories. I am, of course, too young. But I do not want those items lost to the ages. Harry had another memory he shared:
One more item about the original Odessa Ice Cream Shop and its location. The house immediately to the west was large, at least 3 stories and had a large front porch. However, it had been taken over by Dr. Fredendall and another doctor and was used as a medical clinic. After Drs. Ward and Cope returned from service they had offices in this building. Also, Jinx Holman had a barber shop in the building before he went in with Boyd Myers in the downtown location where Charolette Stier's business is now located.
The short wall in front of the building, to the east of the Odessa Shop was typical of the walls which were built at various locations from 13th street to 16th street and many of these are still in existence today.There were no such walls on the north side of Franklin. The photo distinctly shows the small wall as well as the shadow of the Medical Clinic building and I believe proves that the photo was of the original Odessa  Shop on the south side of Franklin east of the Mattingly offices. I rest my case.
And I plead guilty of mis-identifying the Odessa #1 as Odessa #2. Harry is completely correct. Mea culpa.
Jim O'Malley knows some good stories too. He contributed a memory of Glen Whitney for this issue.
I was really saddened to hear of the death of Glen Whitney.   I admired him so much and remember fondly my taking Chemistry from him during my junior year (1947-48) at LHS.    He was an excellent teacher and prepared me well for College Chemistry, which I took later at CMSU.   Let me tell you a funny story about how Mr. Whitney saved LHS from being burned down by Jim O'Malley. 
We were doing an experiment during one of our lab sessions with red phosphorous.   We were supposed to take several spoonfuls of red phosphorous from the small container it was in and put it in a test tube.   I noticed that my lab spoon had some sulphur residue from an earlier experiment on it, so I asked Mr. W. what I should do.   He suggested that I light a Bunsen burner and melt the stuff from the spoon.   I did that all right, but I didn't cool the spoon enough after heating it and as I put the spoon in the container and made contact with the red phosphorus, the whole thing
ignited....and I mean IGNITED!!!!   The smoke ROLLED out of that can!  Keeping my cool I remembered that Mr. W. had taught us that if you cut off the oxygen supply to a fire it would go out, so I took the container of red phosphorus and turned it upside down on the table and the crisis was over....I thought. 
Mr. W. came rushing over and asked, "Jimmie, what happened?"  I proudly explained what I had done and then, to show him that the fire was indeed out I picked the container up and as soon as the oxygen hit the phosphorus it ignited again.    WHAT A MESS!!!   He sent the class out of the lab and told me later that he spent the rest of the morning trying to put out that fire and cleaning up the mess.
The last time I saw Mr. Whitney was at a reunion of the class of '50 several years ago.   We had a big laugh about the incident and, believe me,  that was something that neither of us could ever forget. He was a wonderful man and I'm so thankful I had the honor of knowing him as a friend. 
Also, just a comment or two about the beautiful concert grand piano featured on the TLC website.  You mentioned that many of the students at LHS played recitals on it in the old Lexington Library.  I knew it well.   From 1947 to '49 I took voice lessons from Mrs. Worth (Fay) Bates of Lexington.   She was a Lexington institution and had served for many years as the organist at the First Presbyterian Church.   She also taught voice students from WMA and the local community.  After studying with her for awhile she asked if I would like to sing for the Lexington Women's Club at the Lexington Library.   I accepted the invitation and Mrs. Bates accompanied me on that fine instrument.   I'm so happy it's been reconditioned and is back in service in good old Lexington.
Speaking of the Library, wasn't it great to have known Miss Elizabeth Young, the librarian. She was so good to us and always helpful with her suggestions for interesting books. Her dad was Mr. Young, a partner in Crenshaw and Young, the drugstore across from the courthouse on Main that was the precursor to Ford and Rush, and later Rush Pharmacy.   A very sweet woman!     
Janice Jiovenale '57 Tubiolo sent some much-appreciated kudos:

It would be difficult to describe exactly how much all this (TLC and the website) means to me.  The class pictures (both Arnold AND Central) are priceless and always instantly take me back to the time depicted. I seem to grow more sentimental as time goes by - is that just a factor of 'aging'??    A mere thanks for bringing them back really seems inadequate for what you and Wally and Bob do. Just know that it keeps 'home' firmly lodged in my heart.  What a labor of love!  - and it induces love and fond memories in all of us. 

Mary Ann Mullen '57 Lane likes TLC too:

Susan, I enjoyed the TLC so much.  I was looking at the picture of my kindergarten class and one of the boys was named Ronnie something or other.  I'm still racking my brain for the rest of his name.  He lived across the street from me and we walked to school together.  He moved away a few years later and soon we lost track of each other.  I think he might be the one standing next to Mrs. Cope but he looks like the one identified as Jim Demint.  This is going to drive me crazy.
The Odessa Ice Cream Shop brought back memories.  I worked there for a short time.  I didn't last long because the ice cream was frozen so solid and it took me so long to get scoops out that customers got tired of waiting.  I remember that one of the customers was Mr. Gerhardt who ordered a couple of hand-packed quarts of ice cream.  The poor man had to wait for hours (or at least it seemed like that to me) but he was really good natured about it.  I wonder if that ice cream was as good as I remember, or was it just that we were kids and everything tasted good to us.  Also, I'm wondering if the golf course is still there. My husband Dan wants to know because he spent many hours on that course with my Dad.  I trying to get a fix in my mind where the new memorial is and I just can't remember the layout of the place. Congratulations to Wally on his photos, the man has talent!
Maxine McMillan '52 Doile added some nice thoughts:
Susan, you will never know how much I enjoy TLC.  When I was reading #70, I was going crazy, thinking oh no I have missed one. Yes, it is nice to go back home even though there is no family left there.  I was driving through Lexington when they were disposing of the old LHS building.  I just yelled, Oh no!  My husband was with me and wanted to know what was wrong.  It was a sad thing to see.
Reading TLC brings back such great memories and every now and then I have a chance to get to Lexington and it is great.  You are doing such an excellent thing sending great information and stories to us.Please keep up the good work--we all love it.
Well now, that's about all the payment a poor scribe can ask - appreciation.
You're a little short-changed on the photos this issue, although the quality makes up for the quantity, in my opinion. Still, be sure to click on
and enjoy.
My webmaster is still busy being a newly-wed, and the Hulver boy is out riding his Harley all the time, so I'm short on pictures this time. We had an ice storm this past week; some damage, but not the extent of the ice storm of '02. The only recent news that jumps to mind is that the name for the new bridge has been selected, but you have to go to the website to read about it.
Under Unfinished Business is the identification of recently published class photos from a "few" years back. Votes are still coming in, so we'll deal with that in the next issue. Until then, warmest regards from the old hometown...
Your devoted scribe,




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