TLC logo TLC #92:  November 9, 2006

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
I write again! With corrections, more news, and requests! It's a wonder any grass grows in Lexington at all, what with all the running around going on. Perhaps I should re-phrase that: Everyone is pretty durn busy.
First, the dedication of the beautiful and amazing Veterans Memorial will be on Saturday, 11/11, as announced in this periodical. BUT it will be at 2 p.m. instead of 11 a.m. which was the conclusion I jumped to. If you can possibly get here, it will be a wonderful experience. There will be bands and singing and ceremony and marching and airplanes doing a fly-over.
There is a long waiting list of people wishing to purchase a nameplate for the memorial, but there are plans for expansion already. I'll keep you informed as soon as I learn the details. And I'll try to be accurate too.
Next, Elizabeth (Betty) Lee, mother of Barbara Lee Fay and Duncan Lee, will celebrate her 95th birthday on Nov. 29. Some of you had her for a teacher, and some of you know her through her children, or through her late husband - Ed Lee - who managed the water company and later served as mayor of Lexington. If you would like to send a birthday card or note, her address is: 
4301 Madison, Apt. 307
Kansas City, MO 64111
Mary Ann Mullen wrote:
Susan, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your last TLC.  I had a great time looking at the pictures of the '56 reunion.  What a great turnout!   I am really looking forward to ours next June and hope lots of people show up. 
We spoke of classrooms at LHS, and she reminisced:
I recall the classroom (Mrs. Cullom's) well. I loved those windows.  I remember climbing through one (on the bottom floor) the night of our Homecoming game our senior year.  Sharron (Jenkins Heathman) had been crowned queen, and I had on my formal attire and wanted to change back into my cheerleader uniform which was, for some reason, in the Home Economics room. The school was locked, and it was the only way in.  Today that would be called breaking and entering. I recall I had several accomplices.
When I asked if I might run this, she said: 
Sure, go ahead and use it... the statute of limitations is bound to be up.  Of course we did no damage.  I confessed to Mr. Gerhardt when I got back to the game and while he wasn't too happy with me, I received no punishment.  I think they were more careful about locking the windows after that.
Confession is good for the soul. Okay, you accomplices, let us hear from you!
Arthur '56 Knapheide is becoming my favorite correspondent. He's always so pleased with TLC.
Great TLC and thanks for the corrections. When I saw Hix's Dept store I remembered. I will
try to get you some more info and photos for your next TLC. You do a super job.
We all thank you. Thank You 

And from local newspaper editor, Dr. Byron Nicodemus:
Just FYI, we will be posting select stories weekly on the web,  especially those about Lexington, obituaries, and other items of  interest. If you think this would be of interest to your TLC group,   please feel free to forward our web address to them:
Again as a resident, business owner and member of the City Council, I want to thank you, Ken and all of the volunteers for making Lexington such a great place to live.
Jim & Shirley Bonkoski wrote after receiving the news of Clint Johnson's death:
Thank you for the information.  Please pass on to the grandparents our sincere sympathy.  Love and blessings to them and their family. 
Mary Pat Gueguen Miller took me to task:
For TLC #92:  Susan, I want  you to print the first paragraph verbatim.  A lot of these people may know, but most don't, and would want to. 
Susan humbly hesitated to mention that she won Adult Leader of the Year at the same function in Columbia, the Missouri Community Betterment Conference, that she mentioned in the TLC #90.  Congratulations to Our Devoted Scribe.  Well deserved.  Maybe she could expound on it a little now that it's out there. 
Okay, okay - but it was one of EIGHT awarded in the state. Believe me, I am honored and pleased to receive it.
I SO enjoyed all the pictures of the '56 reunion.  I REALLY wanted to be a fly on the wall somewhere and just look at those memorable (I didn't say old) faces.  Fortunately I was too young for them to remember me, but I sure looked up to them when I was a Sophomore and they were Seniors.  My, what role models!!  You all looked terrific!!!!!  And happy. 
Just loved reading all those memories of Arthur Knapheide.  Since I've done my book, My Story: Going Home Again, and included so many of those same things, I could do another one, just consulting my own family more.  Everyone should write their own story.  It's a wonderful experience.  Arthur writes so well.  I'm wondering if he has ever tried writing his.
Thanks for all your service to Lexington and to us TLCers.
Good news from Beverly Hulver Moss:
I hope this finds you and Ken perking right along.  I am spending most of my time in Florida now as I have become engaged to a wonderful man from this area, and we were all friends when both of our spouses were living.  In fact, we have both lost two spouses each.  We are very happy in our situation now and staying very busy.  We were in Lexington to visit Wally (Hulver) and Mil (Mildred Hulver Burns) this summer on our way to Toronto to visit his family, as he is originally from Toronto but is now a permanent resident of Florida.
Beverly has a new email address, and if you would like to have it, send me a note and I'll forward it to her. And congratulations, Bev!
Mary Kay Wilcoxon Gooseman reported a Lexington coincidence:
I underwent gall bladder surgery this past Thursday at St. Mary's hospital in Blue Springs, and you will never guess who my roomy was!  It was Michelle Eads...Brian's sister.  She graduated in 1970 and I hadn't seen her since she was in HS.  I told her about TLC and she would like to be included.
She and Vicki, my step-daughter, went to school together and graduated together.  I told her I'd send this to you for her.  She recently remarried and 2 weeks later fell and broke her hip and has had a real time of it for the last 8 weeks and had a second surgery doing nearly a total hip replacement 2 weeks ago this Thurs.  We had a lot of fun reminiscing about Lexington as she doesn't get down that often, but remembers 'everyone' so it was interesting.  It was good for both of us!!  Her husband is a Forensic Psychiatrist and very nice.
That closes out the mailbag for now, but I must add a personal comment. It comes from my father's cousin who lives in Pacific Grove, California. She reads TLC faithfully, and her comment points out once again how very fortunate we were to grow up in Lexington:
As I read TLC, I was consumed with regret that I didn't grow up in Lexington.  There were some shades of the time I spent in Macon, after my dad died, but nothing like the times in Lexington.  Thanks, honey, for sharing these with me. 
And thank you for writing, dear Cuz, and the rest of you too. Let's see, that makes about 356 we have not heard from yet. Get busy, People! 
Your devoted scribe,


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