TLC logo TLC #91:  November 3, 2006

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
Life is not always happy, and the news is not always good, not even in Lexington. The 21-year-old grandson of Bobby and Alvera Dothage Johnson (both class of 1956) died on October 24 as the result of injuries he suffered in an accident on September 26.
The accomplished young man was in college at NWMS in Maryville. Clint was driving a backhoe at work when the accident occurred. The resultant burns were more than a healthy young body could overcome. The outpouring of sympathy to the family was enormous, as you can imagine. Alvera asked me to print the following:
Words cannot express how much your thoughts and prayers were appreciated during the loss of our grandson Clint. There's peace in knowing so many thoughtful people were praying for our family.
Thank you again for caring and supporting our family with your kind words and prayers, cards, gifts, etc. Clint was a beautiful child and we'll forever love and miss him.
Bob & Alvera
I'll write again soon with news of the old hometown and the usual silliness. Till then I remain
Your devoted scribe

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