TLC logo TLC #84:  Feb. 2, 2006

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
The Class of 1956 is preparing for its 50th reunion, and the chairman is whining for help. I am doing what I can to assist Bill Tempel, and also have made very compelling arguments as to why I should be invited to attend. He will permit me to help him, but he will not permit me to go to the event. The Cinderella complex is setting in.
All you '56ers out there, be sure to send him your current info and offer to help the poor old soul with the plans. You might also bombard him with emails supporting my cause.
Now to what's new in Lexington. Our restaurants open (and sometimes close) so quickly it's hard to keep track. The newest establishment is called Hometown Pizza, and it's located at the southeast corner of Franklin and 12th. That makes it next door to the Carriage House, which is our new reception hall. It makes a lovely location for a party, wedding, etc.
Things were fairly quiet during the holidays. We were gone for a month, and there wasn't a lot to catch up on. One sad note, though. Shirley Baker McAlister Summerlin asked me to tell you all that her father, Sam Baker, died on Friday 1/13. At 95 (yes, 95!) he had a very good quality of life up until his final illness, and was a faithful and active member of the Lexington United Methodist Church. He was a dedicated sportsman - loved fishing and hunting with his good buddies. Years ago Sam played in the boys' band in Lexington. They performed at the opening of our old bridge, and Sam was able to attend the dedication of the new bridge as well. He and a few others were recognized at the dedication. Shirley's mother died in 1983, and Sam was married to Lucky Baker the rest of his life. Shirley's comment: "He loved life." And he had a long and happy one. He'll be missed.
The 4-Life Center is being moved into gradually. It is a beautiful building! The brick facade looks great, and they have installed spotlights and this week the sign is being painted. As you know, this project is being watched all over the state and in other parts of the country too. Intergenerational activities and facilities are healthy, and Lexington's project is the vanguard for many. (Photos next issue.)
Several significant local properties happen to be for sale right now (in case any of you are considering moving here). Linwood Lawn! The Victorianne (16th & South); and the Boone house, next door (east) to Lafayette Arms. I'll keep you posted.
Now let's check the mailbag!
Joyce Gueguen '55 Ramsey answered my note about her amazing resemblance to her mother:
I heard about my resemblance to Mom the whole Homecoming weekend.  I took it as a compliment, but you never know, since Mom could be and was such a character.  I have often wondered what other people who are told they look like a deceased family member, how they feel about it, and now it's me.  So far, I haven't decided.  Mary Pat says people tell her the same thing.  She and Sharon look more like Daddy's sisters, I think, and Loretta and I resemble the Mallot side.  Interesting how people turn out.
That weekend was delightful seeing everyone, but I really wasn't prepared for the devastation of our High School, even though I had seen all the pictures on TLC and the website.  I felt so discombobulated and half-mad at all of you who live there that you didn't lay your bodies down on the lawn and refuse to let them do that.  I really don't know if I will ever get over it. 
REBUTTAL:  I'll never get over it either. By the time it came to demolition we were just hoping the poor old building could be put out of its misery. If we had had any idea it would come to that, I promise you at least one body would have been on the lawn.
Also, no matter what everyone advised, I wish I had gone up the steps and all around my old house and even tried to find the man who now has it so I could have gone thru it.  I still wish we could have preserved it somehow - even though it was only the first 18 to 21 years of my life I was there.  Probably because they were the formative ones.  I do have wonderful dreams of the past on occasion when we all have wonderful conversations - that's great!
Enough of my commiseration - looking forward to the next TLC and hope you all take good care of yourselves.  Maybe I can make it back in 2008 or sometime when we are in Smithville visiting our son.
Hmmm....that is all that's in the mailbag. Get busy, people! Write to me/us! At least there is a wonderful photo on our website. Thanks to Conrad Pitz '56, you may enjoy seeing the most comprehensive photo of Lexington youth from that era....even if they are all boys 
Your dedicated scribe,

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