TLC logo TLC #83:  Dec. 7, 2005

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
Here's wishing you the most wonderful holidays ever - and much joy in the New Year too. I wanted to get a note off before I get too busy to write and you get too busy to read.
The old hometown is dressed for Christmas - lighted wreaths on the period streetlamps, and we had the lighting of the Mayor's Christmas Tree and the Festival of Lights Parade last week. Biggest ever...and it was cold. At this moment it is 10 degrees and snowing. Does that make you homesick? (No, I didn't think so.)
We have a new car dealership - Bentz GMC. They unveiled the new Dodge Lucerne last night to a great deal of local interest. Also there is going to be a new hotel, renting rooms upstairs over the old Hix-later-Cox-building. More news on that as the opening gets closer.
You must have heard on the news that Ike was involved in an accident in Baghdad. In order to avoid a head-on crash, the driver of a military vehicle swerved, which caused the vehicle to overturn. Three Congressmen, including Ike, were inside. One was injured, one was not, and Ike was shaken up. He was sore and bruised, I understand, but is at home now resting and healing.
Here is the complete wire story:
Two congressmen injured when vehicle overturns in Iraq

   BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) =97 A military vehicle carrying three congressmen overturned on the way to the Baghdad airport, injuring two of them, the U.S. Embassy said Sunday.

   Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., was airlifted to a military hospital in Germany for an MRI on his neck, and Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., was sent to a Baghdad hospital for evaluation, said Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga., who was also in the vehicle but was not hurt.

   Murphy is ``bumped and bruised, but in good spirits,'' his chief of staff, Susan Mosychuck, said Sunday. He will return home from Germany as soon as he's cleared by doctors, she said.

   Skelton spokeswoman Lara Battles said she believed Skelton was also doing well. She declined to comment further.

   The politicians were riding in a convoy that was driving in the middle of the road, a common practice used by the military in Iraq to deter oncoming motorists. Shortly after dark, an oncoming tanker truck refused to yield, the embassy said in a statement.

   ``Then all of a sudden brakes get slammed on. Then we hit something and go off the side of the road and tip over,'' Marshall told The Macon (Ga.) Telegraph by phone from Baghdad.

   Marshall said that as the vehicle toppled over, he held onto Skelton, who has limited use of his arms due to childhood polio. The embassy said the driver's quick reaction ``probably averted disaster.''

   The delegation had traveled to Afghanistan for Thanksgiving with the troops and then on to Baghdad to meet with troops there.

Wally Hulver '55 sent along news from Connie Beretta '55 Pulley:
I am happy to report that last Sunday night, I survived a heart attack.  A stent was inserted to open one area of blockage, and the results indicate there was minimal damage.  Can=92t bend, lift anything over 5#, or drive for 2 weeks.   Will be out of work for 3 weeks unless the doctor determines otherwise.  My computer is upstairs and I am allowed only one trip per day.  Keep those emails coming and I will return each & everyone of them.  

 And speaking of Wally, he sent a photo of a recent gift from B&L Bank to our 4-Life Center. You may view it and other recents photos at our web site.

And so, until 2006, I bid you farewell and happy holidays!

Your devoted scribe,






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