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Dear Hearts and Gentle People:
The old hometown is gearing up for busy days during the rest of this month. First the Heritage Days festival, followed immediately by the Lewis & Clark commemoration. The reenactors will overnight at Lexington's new Riverfront Park on June 17. If any of you are able to come for the events...or just to sightsee...or eat a will not be disappointed.
A word of caution: when you approach 16th & Main your heart will ache. The demolition of the former LHS is in full swing. We plan to include pictures on the web page, but I warn you they are graphic! In all truthfulness, I urge you not to look. Just keep your memories intact.
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And for additional details on what's going on in town, you can check out
One more thing to see:
This is the website for Miss USA, obviously, and the winner is none other than Missouri's Shandi Finnessey who came to Lexington when the Cannonball 6 theatre opened. She was delightful, and we're happy for her.
I am working on making TLC as reader-friendly as possible...and would appreciate some feedback. Do you like having different colors so you can differentiate the letters that come in from my own scribblings? Yes, I know. If it's in different colors, you can simply delete my part. But you don't know what you might miss.
Some young whippersnappers read about the recent reunion of autumn chickens (class of '56 plus one from '57) and then had their own
From Lucia Cope '59 Hulston
The last weekend of April we had a gathering of five "old" friends in Baltimore:  Charlotte Skelton Guiberson, Marian Johnson Buchanan, Molly Benson Homan and I stayed at Hotel Anne Thompson Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland, and we had a ball.  The fun and laughter which carried on into the wee hours of every morning had the affect of three years' worth of therapy!  Charlotte and Anne had lunch with Ike before the rest of us arrived, and he arranged for a nice capitol tour for the rest of us, although we didn't get to see him.  With the exception of Marian, we'll all be in Lexington for our 45th class reunion in September.  We girls reflected often about how much of who we are has to do with where we came from, and how much TLC has expanded our understanding of that very special place.
On Memorial Day my sisters and I were joined at the cemetery.  Shelly, Marcia and I always enjoy reconnecting with Lexington and family roots in the cemetery, but are saddened a bit to realize that we are probably the last generation of our family, at least, to have that connection, as the cemetery is such a familiar part of our old stomping grounds. 
My grandfather and Mr. Aull had a couple of garden plots in Lexington, where among other things, they raised peonies.  Back then they seemed to come into bloom close to Memorial Day, and my grandmother had a little business of using those peonies to decorate the graves for people who lived far away.  When she died, I took over that business for a couple of years, and I couldn't understand the social element of Memorial Day at the cemetery, as I felt it was quite solemn.  Now, however, I understand, as we have always enjoyed seeing old friends in that place on that day.  This year, sadly, we didn't see anyone we knew.  But especially since my son is in his second tour of duty in Iraq, I was keen to reflect on the VFW's (or American Legion's) effort to recognize the veterans of former wars, and I'm hoping there will not be one new flag designation there for the current armed conflicts we are involved in.  Those were my thoughts when we drove by 1814 Franklin and saw their service flag on the front door.  I was moved to tears.
Down at the river, to scatter our uncle's ashes, we were flabbergasted at the riverside park efforts underway!  Man, what an expanse has been cleared!  We're curious to know what measures have been taken for flood waters not to destroy these efforts, as has often been the case in the past.  The project surely looks exciting!  I guess the Lewis and Clark re-enactment has been the motivation behind this effort.  There is a poster up at my local library branch announcing the Lexington celebration mid-June.
From Mary Ann Mullen '57 Lane
(This is a note she sent to webmaster Bob '58 Ball, but I suspect it will bring back similar memories to many. They were preparing costumes for the talent show that succeeded the old minstrels.)

Let me refresh your memory about the costume event.  As I recall, Rosemary Maxwell, Jackie Walker, you and I were consolidating our collective talents on the creation of those costumes.   I further recall that your contribution was largely verbal, consisting of witty remarks of "encouragement." Other people in the number had someone in their families with sewing abilities and so their outfits were done.  My mother claimed to have the same sewing talent you mentioned (sewing on buttons); therefore I was without means for getting one made. That is when you guys came to the rescue. It was a fun afternoon for me because we did a lot of laughing putting those things together.
One other thing, that Spanish II class must have been a dandy.  I was looking through my yearbook and there were many notations referring to that class. Poor Miss Mautino---I can appreciate what she must have gone through because I now teach high school students. (Economics and Humanities) I'm living in Columbia, South Carolina and am really enjoying the newsletter.
From Nola Redden '58 Banister  (She and her husband have retired, again, to Arkansas)
Just wanted to say I am really enjoying the TLC issues. We just returned from a little trip to NC to celebrate Frank's and his twin sister's birthday.  Was a nice trip but home is so good.  We are getting some landscaping done on our yard finally and enjoying doing some planting.  Golf is in full swing now and I love to play often, as long as my back stays OK. 
A lot of people chimed in about Wulfekammer's. The first was from Lucia Cope '59 Hulston.
I can't vouch for 1930's since I wasn't born until 1941; but I'm sure Wulfekammer's was located in the green building when I was shopping there.  I even remember going upstairs one time with Clara (who could really verify the location) to look through some shoe boxes one time.  We had to exit the store and enter a door next to it to go upstairs.
I also think there had been a hair salon upstairs at one time.  Think my mom took me there for a perm once when I was in grade school.  Don't know who worked there.
And I also think Shirley Jiovenale managed a Mode-O-Day store for a few years where the Maytag store was. Don't know if it was before or after Maytag.  
For awhile, at least, wasn't there a bakery in the green building next to the library?  If not there, then where was it?
Then came the definitive word, from Harry Dunford
The information contained in the flyer posted on Trails Regional Library is not quite correct. I think a former librarian had that printed and it is not quite right. The building in 1967 was 3 story. The top floor had originally been the "Redmans Lodge." Ed Morris and brother Logan had purchased the building and put in their combined furniture and appliance store on the ground floor. I had an office on the second floor and also Merchants Credit Bureau of which I was a partner also had an office in another room.
Sometime in October the building caught fire and was pretty completely demolished with the floors mostly falling in to the basement. The credit bureau was able to salvage most of our files which were in 4 x 6 files draws up against a wall. We had several thousand files at that time.  We then relocated to an office over the Victory Cafe and remained there until the bureau closed in 1997.
At the time of the fire, the 3rd floor was occupied by the Lexington Jaycees and designated "Jaycee Hall." We lost all of our memorabilia, plaques, trophies, etc. John William Morrison will also remember this as he was active in the Jaycees at the time.
Larry Hunton did not rebuild the building; it was rebuilt by Ed Morris. The building was about 90% new and of concrete block instead of the original brick.  Larry worked for Ed until Ed sold out and then Larry took ownership of the building. Ed's dad, M. V. was often at the business and had had a stroke which caused him to use some cuss words sometimes inappropriately but it was overlooked because it was the result of his stroke and he had previously been a successful businessman with the Maytag franchise down on Franklin.
Wally Hulver worked for Wulfekammer when he was in high school and knows a lot about the history of the building. Just thought I would let you in on "the rest of the story."
A great note from Jan Rider McCoy
You do make me homesick! 
Thanks, Jan. I think.
John '57 Lefman rediscovers us:
This fall will be the 50th anniversary of the 1954 championship football team. This team should be honored at a halftime of a football game this fall.
I had a stroke two years ago. It paralyzed my left side.  I have recovered somewhat and I am able to take care of myself.
Do you have  Paul Fenner, Joe Pack or Mike Larkin email addresses?
No, John, I don't. Possibly someone is our vast listening audience will send those in...if they exist. Welcome to the TLC "family."                         
From Bette Phipps '59 Thomas
Was there an idea to have a "reunion" for TLCers? If so, let me know. I'll start putting coins in my piggy bank for lipo, face lift, full-body tucks, & last but not least, giant botox lips, like Melanie Griffiths or Courtney Love. I calculate that at a quarter a day, I'll be ready by 2014.  Maybe I should do 50 cents a day to include cost of motorized wheelchair.
Must go jump in the hot tub now with my CA wine in one hand and my delicious tofu/brown rice appetizer in the other. In between bites & sips, I'll meditate, chant & feed my bio back. (Just keeping up the northern California reputation--actually I'm going to turn off the TV & go to bed, but don't tell anyone!)
Then, later, her creative juices absolutely swamped her:

If you see spelling errors please correct. (It's very mortifying to a former Eng. teacher w/an MA yet to find mistakes or "human error," esp. when I'm the human.) .

You may note my devious plan, just in case I don't benefit from the new diet detailed below at reunion time, to still reap compliments on my "weight loss" when I appear with not quadruple, but only double, chins.

Just following up on my question in the last TLC about a '59er reunion: I got my invite in the mail & wanted to let the hundreds of classmates who called, wrote & phoned know that yes, I'm hoping to come.  FYI, I want it stated for the record that I currently weigh as much as a rock & a hard place combined, have quadruple chins & can only wear clothes made of flour sacks. (I buy them from an exclusive boutique in the Haight-Ashbury, where they are made from pure imported hemp, hand-sewn & tie-died, with heartwarming embroideries of Jerry Garcia, his family & pets, and bearing a pungent, but unplaceable, odor which somehow reminds me of the Haight in the 60s.

But, with the help of my New Diet, I hope to get my weight down to just the rock or the hard place in time for the reunion. I also wanted to let others in on an amazing new diet product I'm using.  Long available exclusively to celebrities, ballplayers and other millionaires, this incredible product is now available to one and all--including YOU! It's Dr. Bill's New & Improved Fat-Blaster PLUS with Collagen! It contains essential oils and extracts that will amazingly melt away pounds while you sit & stuff your face with pretzel/mustard ice cream. (My, and I'm sure everybody's, #1 fave flave!)

Made deep in the heart of remote, exotic Serenghetti, Idaho, Dr. Bill's FB PLUS contains not only rare oils & extracts (Dr. Bill would list them, but they're so rare & exclusive that he doesn't know how to spell them & you wouldn't know what they are anyway. Besides, it might get the attention of the FDA & ATF, and we don't want that now, do we?)  Anyhow, this miracle product also contains 80% alcohol to aid digestion & a few other things.

How often do I take it, you ask. Well, the recommended dose is 1-shot glassful 4X daily, but if you have a lot to lose, you can take it 6-8X a day. Since I want to lose a whole big bunch, I'm doubling the upper limit. Let your judgment be your guide. Dr. Bill's motto is DRINK A LITTLE OR DRINK LOT; IF YOU AIN'T THIN, HAVE ANOTHER SHOT!

How, how, you ask, can I obtain this exclusive product that only rich people, movie stars & Bette whats-er-name can chug?  It's so easy--just cram 50 bucks in an envelope. (Dr. Bill's no sucker, he's not gonna take a check that'll bounce faster than a line drive off a brick wall.) Lucky for you, I happen to be the exclusive world distributor of this fantastic product that also eliminates boils, shingles and athlete's foot! Just send your cash-stuffed envelope to Bette Whats-er-Name, Casa Muchas Dollores, TacosRNosotros, MX.  And in no time or about 26 wks, you should receive your life-time supply of 3.14159 fl. oz.  For a larger size, Dr. Bill's AFTERLIFE SPECIAL/YOU SHOULD LIVE SO LONG size of 453.59237 grms. is ON SALE now for only an arm and a leg (FYI, this is not a tasteless joke, as Dr. Bill in addition to being a mediconutritionologist is also a former morgue attendant and has a nice little sideline in spare body parts.)  

Gene Boyer checked in with a reminder:
Thanks again for doing a great job on TLC. Please remind everyone that Mr. Whitney's birthday is the 19th of June.
Consider it done.
And now I bid you a fond farewell with hopes to see some of you at the upcoming fine festivities....
Your devoted scribe,

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