TLC logo TLC #63:  May 13, 2004

Dear Hearts and Gentle People:
Lexington: as much history as Virginia, as much wind as Oklahoma. Well, only part of that is an exaggeration. We've had unseasonably warm temps and seemingly relentless wind, but sufficient rain to make things pretty lush. Can't think of anyplace I'd rather be.
Of course I got to go to Chicago last week, so that may have something to do with it. Also I was included in a 4-day reunion of some of the gals from LHS '56. Shortly after that Jerry Mischon, also '56, was in the area, so he and his sister Eileen Carpenter and husband Herb headed for Lex. We had a party with some of Jerry's classmates. Photos of the reunions can be seen on the TLC website.
Some interesting house painting going on in town. Two brick houses on South Street, within a block of each other, are being painted - one a pale peach color and the other lavender. The jury is still out on this, but both are on the accepted historical color palette, and both jobs are exceptionally well done. Considering Lafayette Arms is painted yellow, some wags are suggesting changing South Street to Rainbow Row.
The 70-million dollar Military Museum (to be built on the site of the WMA Country Club) recently received a shot in the arm regarding funding. No word on when construction can begin.
The Lexington-4-Life is still raising funds and nearing a goal which would allow that project to break ground.
Wentworth is preparing to celebrate its 125th anniversary, and a major event will be the 4-day visit of the half-scale moveable reproduction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. This will begin here on 11/11/04, Veteran's Day.
Our major effort right now is preparing for the Lewis & Clark commemoration on June 17 and 18. Come for it if you can. Lots of activities, of course, and our new river park is expected to be mostly completed by then. It's in the location of the old marina.
These and other activities are featured on the website. And please do not forget to visit our very own TLC website,   
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And now to the mail:
From Donna Dye:
I so enjoyed Harry's "Legend of Tabo"! And want to confirm that the legend lived on.  In later years the Squire's name was Thorpe but the magic of the enchanted building continued. Swains & damsels gathered every Friday & Saturday night to glide the wavy floor to the strains of Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" and someone named Elvis singing about a "Heartbreak Hotel." I'm sure many heartbreaks came from there but many romances and fond memories were born there too.Thanks for waking the memories, Harry.
Several people wrote about Tabo, but Donna's represented the consensus.
Remember the old postcard of City Hall on the TLC webpage last time? Al McCormick is something of an expert on old postcards, and he answered my question:
It is quite possible the postcard of the City Hall was colorized and probably incorrectly. A lot of this was done in Germany by many photo companies as color became an attraction, and the Germans were the first to do so and maintain the technique.
I collect a fair amount of postcards, particularly of Cliff Drive in Kansas City. Many are colorized and some not correctly. Several also have cars inserted to the colorized version that were not present on the street when the scene was taken. Some are very noticeable as the cars are on the wrong side of the road for America.
From Bette Phipps '59 Thomas:
I've really enjoyed reading TLC & the Historic Lexington website. I haven't checked the latter in 2-3 wks, but when I last did, was disappointed that the Real Estate site didn't have anything on it. 
I forwarded the pix of the beautiful old homes to several of my SF Bay Area friends & they were very impressed with the beauty of the homes. That's when I decided to find out which homes & at what prices were available.  (I told them that my family didn't live in a home like that: we lived in a van down by the river!  That's a Sat. Night Live homage to the late Chris Farley, for any of you SNL fans out there.)
And yes, I'm an incorrigible juvenile & live in front of the boob tube Sat. nights for SNL. Who could forget Al Gore's visit? Rev. Al Sharpton's hosting? Sorry, I know I'm wandering off the more genteel subject of antebellum homes!

As you may know, housing prices here are astronomical.  I love to regale friends with my true story of looking at the home then owned by Mrs. Phillips (although she may have married Kay Howard's dad by then & become Mrs. Howard). It was in '84 or '85 & was for sale with all the antiques for $1M; without them, it was selling for about $115K (turrets, Italian marble fireplaces, 3(?) stories, etc.  We had just paid the same price for our starter home of 1,000 sq. ft., inc. garage, 2 bd, 1 bath, on one level.  Bob & I joked about buying the home & commuting daily to our jobs in San Francisco!

Needless to say, we realized (hah, hah!), that we couldn't afford to buy our own jet for cross-country job commuting & reluctantly gave up the notion of living in the beautiful old home.

So, when I saw the pix, I was curious to find out what homes & at what prices were on the market.  No, no, don't anyone start planning a welcome back party!  Although, maybe someday, who knows. . . . . . .?

One final question:  will my LHS class of 1959 be having another reunion this year? I'd like to see the new things you mention; if my classmates decide to hold our reunion this yr, I'll be there to check it out.

Gotta go now--Sorority Boys is on the boob tube!  Just kidding, I have a lunch date with my cuz, Diane O'Malley Jimenez, Jim & Pat Diibon's sister, at the Atrium in SF. Hopefully, I'll luck into a parking space.  Otherwise, it's back to the Embarcadero pkg Garage where I'll pay enough in pkg. fees to buy 4 people a 4 course menu in Lex. MO.  Ah, the joys & pleasures of cosmopolitan living & dining! I won't even talk about the driving; that's a whole other email.

Thanks again, Susan, for all your hard work & thanks also to the great people who contribute such wonderful, fun, enjoyable memories.
I am reminded once again why I love living in Lexington.
Here's an interesting note from Tom Mullen:
I'll be sending a brief on some of my memories, in the future. My computer is at work, however....and I should not spend too much time communicating with friends. So I'll be collecting my thoughts, editing & reducing the wordage, and TYPING the remnant. Marlene (Bost) Martin kept me from ever getting any speed in typing class--back in '53).

Nola Redden '58 Banister checked in:
Thanks for including me on the TLC list.  I really enjoyed the one you sent and if there are any old issues that you can send, I really would like to see them.  I especially enjoyed the "Tabo" article.
Also I haven't kept up on the bridge progress or lack of it?  Looking forward to the next issue of TLC. 
On the old bridge: so far so good. We still travel it. On the new one: latest word is that it will open in November!
Wishing you happy memories of the old hometown, I remain:
Your faithful scribe,


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