TLC logo TLC #60:  Nov. 24, 2003

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
I hope this finds you all full of gratitude and soon to be full of turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Lexington. We have new period light fixtures on Franklin, in front of the movie theater, and our new Christmas wreaths have been put up. The Parade of Lights - always very popular - will be held on Dec. 5. By then decorating and shopping will be peaking downtown.
Our very own webmaster has prepared photos for you of the new construction at the Court House. You will be able to see where the new county jail, uh, correctional facility will be. Work has begun on restoring old City Hall, now called Lafayette Hall. It will be used for county offices. Here is the link to click on:

TLC #60 web page

But first, the mail:

At last! Photo credit!!!

Bob Hall (Harriett Skelton's husband) identified the photographer who took that incredible shot of the new bridge:

Randy Kennett of Hardin took the pictures from a Gyro-Copter. He has several pictures on the wall of the Hardin Cafe.

From Norma Barney:
Susan the bridge construction is fabulous... We hope who ever took the shot will take more and continue to send them to you so that we will see the progress.  Those of us who live far away certainly enjoy seeing what is happening... Thanks!

From Barbara Lee '57 Fay, remembering Marie Mike:

I was a student of Miss (Marie) Mike's in the first grade at Central.  (That was right after my folks bought a house in the Central School district.  Before that, I was a student of Trevia Baier's at Arnold.)  About the only things I remember from Miss Mike's class were the green printed alphabet cards in upper and lower case with guide lines that were displayed all around the top of the walls, and the reading groups she had assembled for the Dick, Jane and Spot exciting stories.  Mother tells me that one day I came home for lunch and asked her for lots of jewelry to wear back to school.  Upon inquiring, she learned that I had observed that Miss Mike only called on girls who wore lots of jewelry!!  Mother told Miss Mike of the incident and she laughed.  The reason she didn't call on me much was because she knew that I knew the answers!  I'm still not into jewelry much, and I don't claim to know many answers, either.
Main Street looks great in the picture!  And white pumpkins!  I look all over for those every year.  The pastoral picture of the new bridge is quite lovely, and I hope the scenic drive works out. 
TLC is forcing me to go looking for old photos! 
(Editor's note: I'm still waiting.)
From Linda Marchetti:
Wanted you to know I printed the play bill (see TLC #58) for Marcella Kopp, Irvin Kopp's widow, who did not know he had ever been  in a high school play.  She really enjoyed looking at it.  Thanks to everyone who is sharing items for your newsletter.  I have a picture of "Indians on Highland" with the Barnum and Bailey Circus you might like to share on your website.  If you are interested I'll get it to you. 
(I am indeed, and it's on its way.)
From Darlene Wegener '53 Christiansen's husband Ron:

We're heard indirectly that you've been putting out an occasional Lexington High School "TLC" newletter, and would like to be included. We enjoyed the recent Class of 1953 reunion.   It's been 50 years since Darlene has been back to any reunion.

(See the website for a photo of a few '53 people.)

And from Barbara '49 Rice:

My husband and I visited my cousin, Jan McCoy, a couple of weeks ago. While visiting Lexington, our home town, Bob Warner, a former student and present alumni of Wentworth Military Academy, arranged for a tour of the academy.

It occurred to me that you might want to consider an article next year with pictures together with names of local young men and women who attended.  (Ladies became members of the Corps of Cadets ten years ago.)   It might take some time to gather some of the information in time for their 125th anniversary celebration.

As you probably know, WMA was established in 1880 and is one of the oldest and most respected military schools.  They have added a gift shop, new tennis courts, and have plans for expansion.  While scanning yearbooks, we were surprised to see so many Lexington young men who had attended the academy.  It would be interesting to have a list of them.

Also, of interest are the displays of alumni who attended Wentworth such as Marlin Perkins, Ike Skelton (one of my class mates), and others mentioned on the web site.

Additional information about the academy can be obtained on the web site   Norma Maring, who has been affiliated with WMA for 47 years, is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Director of Alumni Affairs and could be helpful.

Jim O'Malley checks in:

I remembered another Lexington nick name for your list.   How about "Catfish Phillips."    Catfish (Never knew his first name) used to drive a cab for one of our local cab companies.   Maybe one of our TLCers know of him and can shed some light on him.   I remember him from the 1950s.    

By the way, I  saw in the KC Star that Carl Stalling, who was the musical director for the Looney Tunes cartoons that Warner Bros. produced in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, came from Lexington.   Was Carl related to Bob Stalling who was a partner with Ben Slusher in the Slusher and Stalling Insurance Agency in Lexington?  Ben was Jim Slusher's dad.  Wouldn't it be neat if Lexington had a claim on Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd!!!   Fritz Frelung was the director of the series and came from KC.   I think Fritz worked with Walt Disney during his Kansas City days.   Isn't Lexington just amazing!  
Yes, Lexington is well aware of Carl Stalling. There is a move afoot to memorialize and publicize his work and his connection with the town. I believe he did not live here long. And this suggests a great topic for TLC:  famous (or infamous?) people from Lexington!
Write soon, y'all, and don't forget to check out the new photos on the website.
Your devoted scribe,







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