TLC logo TLC #59:  Oct. 19, 2003

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
It's Indian Summer in the old hometown and, incredibly, it's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend. The trees are pretty, despite the drought, and it seems to me there is activity everywhere.
Last weekend was the Apples, Arts & Antiques Festival. (See web page.) It was considered a big success, I believe, even though the good weather gave out mid-afternoon Saturday. Lots of people in town, good crowds downtown, many fine exhibits and items to buy, and plenty of food.
Also the Class of '53 held their reunion. No one has sent me a report or photos yet, but I hope to receive something soon. (Is that a sufficient hint?) I heard, however, that some pretty hard partying took place. Perhaps when they recover, the class of '53 can share their memories and observations with us. Wentworth also held Homecoming, including downtown parade, that weekend.
The other big event in town this week was the inaugural performance in the inaugural season of "Live! in Lexington," our new performing arts series. Dancing on Common Ground, our first program, was just terrific although marred by technical problems. We have pledged to resolve that before the next show. That will be the Stars of the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats. You may have seen them on TV or elsewhere. I have received glowing reviews about this program and know it will be great. It's going to be on Thursday, Nov. 13, 7:30 p.m. at the Wentworth Chapel Auditorium. If you are interested we still have season tickets for sale.
Other large news: There is a move afoot to have Hwy 224 from Lexington to Napoleon declared a Scenic Byway. That would be a wonderful benefit. Would be marked on maps, of course, and would bring visitors to our area. Much has to happen before we qualify for that, but it will be worth the effort.
CORRECTION:  Barbara Tabb '55 Jarman writes that the Mrs. Tabb fondly recalled by Jack Gueguen in TLC #58 was "actually Mrs. Peyton Tabb who worked at the Selective Service office, not Fern Tabb. Mom lived on Highland Ave., and worked as a bookkeeper for J. B. Russell Lumber Co., and for the Lexington Road District. That was many years ago, and it's likely that more young men remembered Mrs. Peyton Tabb because of the draft registration in those days. Jack was right, though - both were gracious, noble ladies."
FURTHER CORRECTIONShirley Briggle '53 Miller: Susan, I loved the shot of the bridge, but Leamon '54 Johnson graduated in '53!
(Photographer is still unidentified.)
Too late for publication in last TLC, and I just couldn't get one out before now. But this also came from Shirley Briggle '53 Miller: We are the LHS Class of '53; our student body president was Leamon Johnson, a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who now lives in Richmond; our class president was John Stompoly, an attorney in Tucson who, with his wife Naomi, has a seven-year-old son in addition to his adult son and daughter. Seventy-two classmates and spouses were expected at attend.
Speaking of photographers, I include the following kudos from Mary Kay Wilcoxon Gooseman: Have been intending to drop you a line and congratulate you on the nice webpage for TLC.  I finally got a chance to look at it last week, and it's SUPER!  Hats off to you.
Not to me - but to Bob '58 Ball, our webmaster.
From Jim O'Malley
Really enjoyed hearing from Don Stephenson in TLC #58.   His story of "The Incubator" brought back memories of seeing old copies of The Incubator while visiting with my aunt Pauline Terrell Phipps back in the '50s.  She had several of them from her high school days, plus an LHS Yearbook.  The yearbook was called "The final Hatch."  Just thought you'd like to know. Best wishes to all.   
Incubator? Final hatch? Were we The Fighting Chickens before we became The Minutemen? Someone! Please send explanation.
Later he wrote:
These days I'm reviewing my daily journal entries first year at Notre Dame (50 years ago).  We were 3 from Lex. that fall (1953); the others were Bill Canning, who went on to graduate in 1955 (now deceased), and John Stompoly, whom I've lost track of (LHS class of '53).  I'm relating this in the hope that you can put me in touch with somebody who might know John's whereabouts.  I'd like to say Hi to him.
(Oddly enough, John was in Lexington that very weekend for the reunion. I gave Jim his email address. SSW)
I doubt if there were that many Lexingtonians at N.D. in the years thereafter.  We were fortunate to be there when it was still affordable by ordinary folks; it became prohibitively expensive not long afterwards.  I treasured every minute of it.
Before I close I need to pass along the news that Lexington lost one of its icons this month. Marie Mike died at 95. I'm sure many of you had her teach you First Grade at Central School.
And now I'll toss the ball back into your court. Send comments, photos, memories, queries and even criticisms. And don't miss the updated web page. Access it by going to TLC #59 web page
Your devoted scribe,

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