TLC logo TLC #25:  Aug. 25, 2001

Greetings! Can you relate to this bumper sticker?
My wild oats have turned to shredded wheat.
I thought so. Me too.
On with the news, and we have some good news to report. Recently received word that Larry '57 Bland will have a building named after him at Florida State University, on the Panama City campus. A building! High fives to Larry and family.
Next, from Jane Ann Whitney '56 Hunt:

I meant to tell you in last night's E-mail that the old high school in Blair was renovated into apartments about 7 or 8 years ago, not by a large company, but a small-time contractor.  He did such a superior job that these apartments are the most sought-after ones in town.  Everyone was thrilled that the old school wasn't torn down and so sentimental while touring the finished product.  It really was one of the neatest things to ever happen to Blair.  I wish that old LHS has the same good fortune. It would be a big boost to Lexington. 
Me too. Now, from Shirley Guevel-Jones:
I could probably go on for several hours just writing my thoughts on reading some of the things that people have written.  Just a couple of things...I guess I was sheltered or something...I never knew we had so many "houses of ill repute"  in Lexington.  I guess those of us in the "south side" of Lexington just didn't know what went on on the other side of town. 
I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago when I walked past the McGrew house at 20th & South and the wonderful fountain in the back yard was running.  I don't remember ever seeing it working before, and I think it has been there for many years. I think it was there when I walked that way to Arnold School. It has been repainted and it is truly a work of art and when it is working, it is really something to see.  Now if the person in Helen Shouse's house across the street would put goldfish back in the pond in the back yard, It would be really great.  The Shouse back yard always held my attention as I walked past.  It was very pretty.  It is so great to have so much restoration going on in Lexington, along with the work that has already been done on many houses and buildings in town.
Whoever was commenting on the "good English" in the Lexington schools forgot to mention Miss Lena Meierer or maybe she had retired from the High School before they got there.  You learned from her!  We had good teachers in our schools...if we had just been a little more ready to learn what they were trying to teach us. I'll correct that and say that if I had just been more ready to learn!  I'm sure some of the students were ready.
Mary Pat Gueguen Miller reports:

Had a delightful day in ye old hometown today! (Ed-Friday, 8/24)  Some of you may have known one of the more "colorful" older citizens, my second cousin, Edwin P. ("Buster") Gueguen, who was my Dad's first cousin and the best man at their wedding almost 70 years ago; he was 91 when he died in May and his auction is tomorrow. 
We went down today to preview things in the auction barn and it was a nostalgic visit for sure.  He was very generous with the few relatives he had left, but he had quite a few antiques in his home too, so Loretta and I are going back tomorrow to "watch the crowd," so to speak.  I'd love to find some of the old clothes he used to dress up in on Halloween.  He was hilarious!!  Had his picture in the paper even! 
Also hit Maid-Rite for a tenderloin, Hardees for fresh scooped ice cream, and viewed some old pictures there.  Did you all know about those old pictures in Hardees??  EVEN a picture of the old Mainstreet Theatre and SNAPPY SERVICE!  If it just would have had Alda Holman behind the counter, it would have been perfect.
Anyway, I didn't know how long they had been up and wanted to pass the word.  DO take a look the next time you are there.  And Susan, why not publish the dates of the upcoming homes tour, if there is one, or other dates of concern in the fall.
Be glad to: The Vintage Homes Tour (tickets $9 in advance, $10 day of tour) is Saturday & Sunday, September 15 and 16. Hours are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. both days. Send me a note if you need more information. Y'all come!!!
Your devoted scribe,

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