TLC logo TLC #24:  Aug. 14, 2001

Dear Hearts and Gentle People:
Good morning from the old hometown! Here is a wonderful quote that is floating around in cyberspace:
"When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away your ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer." Corrie Ten Boom
And in that vein comes a note from Mike McDonald:

In TLC #8, I asked everyone to pray for my wife, Bobbie, who had breast cancer for the second time in 4 years.  I want to tell everyone that the prayers and the chemo & surgery worked because the doc says she is cancer free now.  She is gaining strength and growing hair back and we thank everyone for their prayers and their messages.  God bless all of you.
Wonderful news!
From Mary Pat Gueguen Miller:

Loved hearing all the news about the loft apts. at the renovated Lexington High School.  Just glad they are preserving "the look" (at least on the outside) of the building.  Read the letter by Mr. Viebrock, old LHS principal (in the newspaper), opining the idea of keeping the name of the school.  Do you think it will be called the "LHS Lofts"??  Just wondering. 
Along the same idea, some time ago I had heard a rumor about the possible "rediscovery" of North 16th Street when the discussion of the Ike Skelton Museum at the high school was on the table, as it leads to Central Park, the hospital, the battlefield, Anderson House, etc., and I was SO HOPING someone would come along and buy the old Gueguen house!! Before it falls down.  That "could-be-beautiful"-old-l840's-house that sold at an auction for a pitiful $25,000!!!  Anyone in the real estate business in Lex., who could advise us on some kind of estimated dollars it would take and who could do it??  I would love to  "take a collection" in my family for the project if it could be handled by someone knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy.  Any takers??
The old Lovella Yates house is so unique on that street and of course the AME church is "historic."  Lots of those homes have appeal, or am I just tooooo sentimental?
Ed: There are grants available now for persons who rehabilitate an historic property, even their own residence. (Now they tell me.)
You mentioned some funny local writer (Bruna McGuire) a while back that some people recognized.  Not I, but I was wondering who the "Mary Vinson" is that writes the "From My Kitchen" in THE LEXINGTON NEWS.  Now THAT is humorous.  This weeks she writes, among other things, that as a 4-H kid, she entered her Oatmeal Drop Cookies in the Missouri State Fair, but someone dropped them from her car, she ended up winning the blue ribbon and they became known as "Mary's Double Drop Cookies." 
And:  "Vacation starts next week but as of yet, we have no big plans.  Well, I'll take that back.  We are going to put in a new hot water heater.  Exciting plans, right??"  I find it quite humorous.  But is it supposed to be serious??  Answer, Ed.
Ed. - Yes.

From Linda Marchetti Co-Chairman of Lafayette County History book:

Please remind your email list that the Lafayette County History bargain price of $60.00 will increase September 1, to $75.00
Several people have responded to the Saluda commemoration info. At least one person is coming from Arizona, and I trust others of you will plan on that too. (Well, you don't have to come from Arizona - you can come from where you live :-) One TLCer suggested we make a pooled donation to the memorial, but I think we should just send whatever ourselves.
This is the shortest TLC yet. Can you tell I have a lunch date? Don't worry - I'll drone on and on next time. Meanwhile I remain
Your Devoted Scribe,

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