TLC logo TLC #4:  March 6, 2001

Greetings again from Lexington! your attention, didn't I? By sending several copies of the last issue to most of you. What can I say? It's a lo-tech girl in a hi-tech world. I think all lists are combined into one now, and you should receive only one copy of each irregularly published issue.
Despite the big snow we had last week, spring struggles to arrive in Lex. We are, however, mourning the loss of two prominent citizens just yesterday.
Gene Darnell, long-time sheriff, died of lung cancer. He was well-respected in the community and received some nice recognition before he died. And of course he was very well known in the county.
Our other loss, just yesterday, was Jim Worthington (no relation). It was a devastating blow to all of us. Jim was a big guy with a big voice and a big heart. For those of you who didn't know him, he came to Lexington as junior partner in Bill Aull's law firm. Both of his sons were born here and went through Lexington schools. They lived in the old Aull house at 16th & Main (catty-corner from LHS) until they built their current home out across from the VFW.
(To make matters very confusing for the post office and county records, the Ken Worthingtons purchased 1601 Main from the Jim Worthingtons in 1987.)
Jim was from Louisiana, MO. His wife Kay is the librarian at the Lex Middle School. They are Methodists, and Jim would occasionally occupy the pulpit. He sang in the choir on occasion, and he was active in the Lions and Elks and many other organizations in town. I suppose almost everyone in the county knew Jim, and we all feel a big loss. He was 52.
He suffered what is assumed to be a massive heart attack at his office and died soon after. Wally Hulver was with him, and he and Billie are tending to the family now.
The law firm is known as Worthington, Giorza (John) & Hamilton (Scott, son of B.G. of Richmond).
Also Ed "Sonny" Fiora died a few weeks ago. He was in or around class of '50. Had spent a career in the Army (LCOL) and then retired here with wife Betsey, to the brick house at the NW corner of 20th and South. He operated a framing shop out of the house until a couple of years ago. His sister, Florine Fiora Frerking, is married to Dave. He is also cousin to Ann Fiora Coen.
If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Also please send news. I have accumulated a number of snippets which I will include next time. Also some jokes have been submitted. However, in the interest of brevity (for which I am not generally known) I've decided not to include the jokes. They probably make the rounds anyway.
Farewell to you all, for now, from sunny but sad Lexington.
Your faithful scribe,

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