TLC logo TLC #3:  March 1, 2001

Date: Thursday, March 01, 2001 11:55 AM
Subject: Issue #3

Good morning from the old hometown!
It's a cold and snowy day, overcast and wintry. Certainly more like a February day than March. Still, the crocus and daffodils are peeking through, and Spring will one day arrive. Just not today.
There must be real hunger for Lexington news, considering the feedback I am getting. This has been waaaaay more fun than I expected. Will try to keep it interesting. And brief.
Bill '56 Tempel promised to send some news as soon as he thinks of something "fit to print." I told him that hasn't stopped me, so perhaps we'll hear from him soon. I'll be glad to pass along your personal news if you send it and if you don't mind it being read by nearly 100 of your closest friends.
But first, some housekeeping: I am refining the TLC list. If you are receiving two copies of everything, that means I like you twice as much as everyone else. Also I inadvertently added your name to both address files. Let me know.
If you are aware of anyone who isn't on the mailing list, who might like to be added (well, heck, even if they don't want to be added!), let me know that too.
I don't have much new Lex news at this time, but there are a couple of things of interest.
Perhaps you know the Lafayette County Historical Society is publishing a history of residents. That means you. They want every family represented, but the absolute final deadline is now April 1. (No fooling.)
There is no charge for a 300-word history, accompanied by one photo if you wish.
Just include pertinent information, births and deaths, etc. and particularly how your family happened to land in Lafayette County. The history must be typed, double-spaced on plain paper; and the photo must be the original print or a photo-print, but not scanned. If you would like to mail it to me, I'll get it to the right people.
My address:   1611 South St.
Additional items can be published for a small fee, and you may place an order for a copy of the history for when it becomes available. There will be two volumes: one personal histories and the other business histories. It is a limited edition and they promise top quality, hard-bound. Cost is $60 for 2-volume set, advance orders only.
There is more detailed information which I will be glad to send if you request it.
The last county history was published 100 years ago, and the next one will be in 2100. So, if you'd rather wait for the next time around....
The city has been demolishing some buildings at 12th and Franklin, to make way for our new projects. I confess it hurts my heart each time an old building goes, but these were not in good shape.
The new B&L Bank is stunning. And huge. It's a remarkable building for a small town, very beautiful. It is on the southwest corner of 13th and Franklin, replacing a couple of defunct filling stations.
We have a young and energetic city council these days. Our Mayor, Tom Hayes, is a hands-on, hard-working dedicated mayor, and he makes a wonderful impression for our town. He's a retired educator, formerly principal of the Lex Middle School.
(The above was a paid political announcement.)
No, seriously, he's a good guy - and very approachable. As you can tell, I am quite upbeat about things in Lex these days.
Next up: the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and associated revelry. More on that next time! Meanwhile, I remain
Your devoted scribe,

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