TLC logo TLC #96:  March 20, 2007


Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
By now you will have received the press release that Lexington was chosen Mid-America's Destination Historic Town. Wow! And we beat out Weston, who have been at this tourism business a whole lot longer than we have. Congratulations to the Lexington Chamber of Commerce who submitted the nomination! And to the citizens of Lexington!'s happened again. I hope you have been receiving your TLCs, because as the list grows, so does suspicion on the internet. My ISP and/or Symantec think I am a spammer (innocent, I tell you!). So I will once again have to divide up the list of subscribers in order not to exceed whatever the magic number is. Nice problem to have, though.
There are several other great pieces of news. First, and probably of most interest to you, is that the Goosepond is being cleaned up, and activities there will be featured prominently in the Heritage Days celebration in June. Y'all come! It's the weekend of June 7-9, and that happens to be the 50th Reunion of the LHS Class of 1957.
Next, our motel - The Lexington Inn - has been purchased by a young couple from California. They have been hard at work making improvements and are open for business already. I am told renovation will continue AND there will be a fabulous restaurant installed. Next issue I will tell you more about that too.
One of our newest subscribers, Jon Kent Beltram '59, wrote a much-appreciated letter:

Can't tell you just how much I've enjoyed reading the issues of TLC that you've sent me.  You are doing something wonderful for all of us who were fortunate to have lived and grown up in a town with so much heritage and character.  It's interesting to think just how many people have gone on from LHS to higher education!  The Teachers at Lexington were the very best that I have been fortunate to have had, and were the main reason for me to have chosen education as my avocation.  I've just retired from thirty-five years of teaching and administrating in the Shawnee Mission School District.  Through the process of my education, I acquired my undergraduate degree, as well as my Masters and Doctorate in education.  I attribute this to the wonderful teachers that we had at Lexington.  My favorite teachers were Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Seiter, Ms. Mautino, Ms. Todhunter, and especially Coach Bill Hamann.  What I learned from him on the athletic fields was just as important as any knowledge that I learned in the classroom.   Bobbi and I have been fortunate to have two wonderful kids,  Kent and Elise, who have both gotten their college degrees and gone on to successful careers.  Bobbi and I both consider ourselves lucky to have grown up in such a great hometown.   "Dear hearts and gentle people!"

This was followed by a note from Gary L. Miller '63

Hi Susan-I attended the Sounds of the Heart Concert at the Middle School in Lexington last night.  My daughter, Cary Miller, who flew in from New York City, sang six Broadway show tunes for the audience.  While there, I told Rev. Liz Spencer of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Lexington, about the TLC newsletter and she would like to be included in your email list.     
And Gary's daughter is a wonderful performer. She is pursuing her dream in New York now, and we wish her great success. Gary also said he'd had trouble accessing the website. Please let me know if anyone is having difficulty. Try it out!
Check out this issue's web pages!
And more sad news from Maxine McMillan '52 Doile:
Susan,  I am sorry to inform you that John Eugene (Gene) Chedotte's wife passed away on March 16th Ruth Ann Chedotte, (my sister).  This was two weeks after I buried my husband.  Keep us in your prayers.  Love, Maxine McMillian Doile, '52
Thus ends yet another report from your old hometown. Keep writing! People love to hear from their old friends. And so do I.
Your devoted scribe,

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