TLC logo TLC #95:  March 5, 2007

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
Corrections! Clarifications! Elaborations! Additions! Apologies! Excuses! And even a bit of News. This issue has it all.
I admit I was tired and rushed, and also a bit stooopid, when I wrote #94 - but that's no excuse for calling people by the wrong name, neglecting a princess, and some other equally careless acts. I humbly ask your forgiveness.
First, Joyce Spease (not Luehrs), who wrote to correct me but was very kind in the process:
Hi Susan,I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy receiving TLC, and I am happy to see that you included the email I sent you about Larry's surgery and mine also. Only problem is I am not JOYCE LUEHRS I am (or was) Joyce Vidmar (class of '64) married to Larry Spease. It's ok though, as I recall Joyce Luehrs was very pretty and everyone liked her...hope they will remember me as at least being nice if nothing else..haha.

Thanks and keep up the good work. We all appreciate what you do.


What a gentle and understanding reprimand!
My next egregious error, pointed out first by Sharron Jenkins '57 Heathman:
Just a comment on the '56 Festival royalty.  If my memory serves, which at times is questionable, it was Queen Nancy, lst Princess Lucy, and 2nd Princess Mary Ann. It's wonderful to believe that so many remember this very memorable event! 
Also, regarding the Krazy Kats, Slick and I have had occasion to dance to their music at the Corder beer garden in little Corder, Missouri.  They were an annual attraction for that event until last year.
And THEN from the Wronged One herself, Mary Ann Mullen '57 Lane:
Susan,  How could you rob me of my crown????  Nancy was Queen, Lucy was First Princess and I was Second Princess.  My husband says I've been a "princess" ever since.  I remember there was a dance afterward, and I did not have a date for the evening.  My Dad came and asked me to dance and saved me from being a princess wallflower. What a precious memory, I'll never forget it.  I believe he also danced with Nancy and Lucy.  I thought he was so gallant and a very good dancer too. 
Looking forward to the reunion, I hope many are coming.
Incidentally, there are photos on our TLC website of the cast-iron coffin discovered in Machpelah. The story was on Channel 9 Thursday night, having been pre-empted by the severe storms Wednesday night. See our web pages and THEN go to  where you should be able to see the entire segment! It's headlined "Mystery Shrouds Grave at Cemetery."
Loretta Gueguen Broker has been restored to the fold with back issues:
Thank you so much, Susan.  I know it was a lot of trouble, but I'm sure enjoying them.  Now do I understand that someone is publishing these, or at least compiling them into a booklet??  What history!
I'm LOVING all of this reminiscing.  As to the compilation of the TLC's, I thought I recalled Mary Lou Phipps saying at the very beginning that she was going to do this and let everyone know.  Did I just dream this? What a BEST-SELLER it would be.  Surely there's a printing company in Lexington that would bind the pages, nothing fancy.  Sure hope it gets done.  I'd like it for my children and grandchildren.

Oh my, yes - the New York Times called and said they'd be saving a place on the Best Seller list!
Shirley Briggle '53 Miller offered a suggestion:
Since TLC is the main way we can get in individual contact with alums we haven't seen in years and years, why don't you include this in a TLC . . . .   Ask all recipients to let you know if you have his/her permission to add his/her email address to a list to be sent to the entire TLC cast.  Give it a time limit, and then send out a TLC that is nothing but email addresses.  That way each of us can keep the whole list, and update it when you send out changes.  I don't know if someone has complained to you about being exposed, but I would think nearly all of us would be OK with this.  And it seems to me it would, in the long run, be less work for you.
I have a better idea!  If you would like to be included on Shirley's list, send your name and email address to
When she feels she has let sufficient time go by, she can send it to me, and I will publish.
Yes, nearly all would be okay with this, but I have had some requests not to give out their emails. When someone asks, I send a note to the person and ask him/her to get in touch with the ask-ee.
Shirley continues:
A curiosity:  Based on previous stories of colorful and nearly total recall, and comments in this TLC as well, it impresses me how much Jim O'Malley knows about those "houses of ill repute" in the old Lexington days ! !
I wondered the same thing!!!!!!!!!
Susan, you do goooooooooooooood work.
Thank you.
Del Scharnhorst '55 wrote to share details of an upcoming event in Lexington - Sounds of the Heart. It will be held Saturday, March 10, at Lexington Middle School, 7 p.m.
This will be the 10th anniversary of the Sounds of The Heart. It was begun by Betty Berry and other members of the Trinity United Church of Christ after Betty's husband Ed died of a heart attack. Betty and other Trinity members make up the Board of Directors. As far as I know, it has always been the goal to raise enough money through donations to purchase a defibrillator each year to place in a new public location.
This year's entertainment will be supplied by the Kansas City Metro Men's Chorus, a group of about 85 to 100 men singers and Brenda Yeates who plays the piano. Noel Fulkerson, who spent his earlier years in Malta Bend and Higginsville, is the founder and director. He was a music teacher and choral director in the  Raytown school district  for 35 years before retiring.
KCMMC sings mostly gospel and patriotic songs. Rarely is there ever a charge for admission, but a free-will donation is collected at each performance, which will be the case on March 10th.   
The following KCMMC members provide local interest:
Steve Fuller - 2nd tenor
Alvin Neindick - bass
Melvin Beckemeyer - baritone
Del Scharnhorst - bass
Additional entertainment will be provided by Judy Sharman and the Hand Bell Choir. I believe they are from K-State University. Judy is the daughter of Ed Berry. Judy's son Bobby Sharman will play the piano.
Also Carrie Miller, who is the granddaughter of Verna Holman and a professional singer in New York, will be performing.
And a BIG THANKS for the inclusion in a TLC. I Know Betty will be thrilled. I certainly hope this year is special for her, she's a grand lady.  
Del cautioned that he may not have all names spelled correctly, and some of the details may be shaky, so here's our disclaimer:  we want to get the information out quickly so that you have the opportunity to attend this very special event. If you have questions, feel free to call me, 660-259-4559. I suppose you could call Del, but he'll be busy resting his throat for Saturday's performance.
So nice to receive yet another note from John Willard:
Dear Gentle Scribe Susan, 

Thanks for your latest "edition"!  I always enjoy reading about the many adventures and memories all seem to share and enjoy!  Best wishes!

From my cousin Marjorie, who is very objective, of course:
I enjoyed every bit of TLC, as usual.  I want to go to Ceno's!!!!! The demise of these stores is sad.  We still have one here in Pacific Grove (California), however, for which I am thankful.
They are not the only non-Lexingtonians to enjoy our history and our current events. From
Judy Marshall at Schreiman's Orchard in Waverly: 
Susan, I always enjoy your TLCs - thanks so much....hope you 2 are well. The mural your husband designed looks wonderful, and congratulations on all of your efforts & awards for
Lexington a couple of months ago.

 Bette Phipps '59 Thomas:

Thanks for reconnecting me to the TLC; I'm very happy to be back & in the know!  I enjoyed the newest edition & am happy to learn about the new mural.  On behalf of those who no longer live in Lexington, would you please give us the address of the bank so we can mail in our mural donation.  Keep up the good work of keeping us in touch with the old hometown,

I did have to chuckle a bit. Bank Midwest in Lexington MO would be sufficient, but for you Big City types:
Bank Midwest
1211 Main St. 
Lexington 64067 
Several people asked the same thing, and I thank you in advance for anything you send!
All right, I have to confess - my husband Ken did do the design for the mural (the historical timeline pictorial). He's on the committee that chose the muralist and that is now raising money to pay for it. I am not exactly without bias. (Send money!!!)
I should explain that the painting displayed on our website (March 1) is a small version of the mural, the smaller version being created in order to display the project to the public.
And here's a new voice for TLC! Jon Kent Beltram '59 got in touch. I've been keeping him busy with back issues since then:
Lucia Cope sent this article (TLC) to me.  What a wonderful thing you're doing.  Please add me to the list.  It was great to read about Lexington and those that I grew up with.Thanks.
Jon Kent is married to Bobbi Bertz (61)Beltram.
And finally, a sad note from Maxine McMillan '52 Doile:
Susan, just wanted to let you know my husband, Chester Doile, died February 24, 2007 and funeral was March 1, 2007.  Thanks for your kind words from before.
Maxine, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Until next time, I remain Your Devoted Scribe,

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