TLC logo TLC #88:  July 30, 2006

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
It finally happened. The server rejected TLC as "too many recipients," so I am having to cut the delivery list in two.
Summer brings class reunions rolling around, and I'm certain some of you have been enjoying meeting with your old classmates, in Lexington or elsewhere.
Summer also pushes planning for high school reunions into high gear, and so it is with the Class of 1956.
(I have to put that in big letters because, well, they're old.)
They are preparing for 50th anniversary festivies which will take place Oct. 6 and 7. Message from chairman Bill Tempel to his classmates:  get your reservations in, get your autobiographies in, get your checks in! And your reward will be to see your name - and those of your contemporaries - on a special website, prepared for the Class of 1956 by our own TLC webmaster Bob Ball, Class of 1958. (He's practicing on them.) It's a terrific website AND when they are through with it, they may bequeath the website to their much younger friends, the Class of 1957. That's the year your scribe graduated. I was 2 at the time.
We are in full swing of planning for our own 50th Reunion, and the dates (drum roll, please!) are June 8 and 9, 2007! Special note to those who were in the class of 1957: save the date!!!
And while we're talking websites, check out this issue's web pages.
It has some interesting new pictures, and an archive of all of the past TLCs. Now you may quit holding your breaths.
The Poets Club. I think I addressed this "organization" another time, and this being a family newsletter rated G, I cannot tell you what the acronym stands for. But the old timers do enjoy getting together over a cup of coffee in our wonderful book store. Some members were absent the day the photo was taken, but you get the general idea.
Of course many other things are going on here now, including several new stores and yet more houses being restored. Those of you who have not been to Lexington in a while will be pleasantly surprised. Some of the new stores to check out:  Lavender Cottage, Obsidian Panther, Blackhorn Antiques, and several others that are about to open. As for eating establishments, Simonetti's is in full swing, serving breakfast and lunch 6 days a week, and dinner Thursday through Saturday, plus Sunday brunch. Simonetti's, you'll recall, is located on Franklin at 18th, where Dave's Cafe (formerly Tasty Lunch!) was for many years.
Our recent major news: Linwood Lawn has been sold to a trio of businessmen (two are local) who plan to restore it to former glory and use it as the centerpiece of a vineyard and winery! The mansion itself will be used for weddings, catered events, corporate retreats, B&B rooms, etc; and the outbuildings will be renovated for use as a tasting room, indoor wedding or meeting facilities, gift shop, etc. We need visitors to come to Lexington and this will be yet another attraction. The owners hope to start restoration this fall, and the first planting of grapevines will occur in the spring. They plan to be open for weddings and retreats by May. So, great things are ahead for Linwood Lawn...and for Lexington!
More vineyards are growing now, and new wineries are planned. Two new ones have been in business for some time: Baltimore Bend between Dover and Waverly on Hwy 24; and New Oak Winery off Hwy 131 south of Wellington. Lexington needs to be a destination since we no longer have Hwy 13 passing through town. Just imagine: very few big trucks rumbling through downtown. Makes it much more serene. We like that, but we also like visitors to come enjoy our history, our architecture, our shops, and our restaurants. A batch of wineries (a vat of wineries?) will be an added attraction.
And speaking of Highway 13, there is a wonderful website about our old bridge, complete with rantings about its demolition. Personally, although no one asked, I have mixed feelings. But rest assured there are many of us in Lexington who labor tirelessly to preserve our old structures. We've saved waaaay more than we have lost. Please visit:
Before I close out this issue, Happy birthday to Norman Vialle, Mr. Maid-Rite, who has achieved 80 years, despite the trials I'm sure we all gave him.
Write to me!
Your devoted scribe,

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