TLC logo TLC #76:  June 12, 2005

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
I'm almost afraid I'll jinx it if I report this:  the new Highway 13 Bridge will open on Saturday, 6/25/05. There will be all sorts of festivities - including three ribbons cuttings (south side, north side, and in between). For details you may visit
Ike will be here to see the Skelton Bridge open, and I'm sure he'll make the first trip across. This has been a long wait for those of us who travel the old bridge. We hold our breaths as we cross it. But a friend of mine says the only way to drive it is to close your eyes and drive real fast.
As for the demolition - hurtful though that may be - it will probably take place over a period of time. MoDot will probably take it down section by section. Certainly you will be apprised of that.
As for other activities in the Old Home Town, we had our annual Heritage Days weekend before last, and the Vintage Homes Tour this past weekend. I believe both were quite successful, although no hard numbers have been reported.
The Home Tour lineup: the Wentworth House (known to many of us as the Ball house) at 16th & Main; the Oetting Home (formerly White Castle) on the eastern edge of town; Annie's Bed & Breakfast on Highland; another house on the north end of Highland reclaimed after a fire; and the newest Bed & Breakfast establishment, located at 20th & South. Now called the French Quarters, it's the old Victorian house built by the McGrew brothers on the southeast corner. One of the brothers lived on the northwest corner, recently the Ed "Sonny" Fiora home. The McGrews owned coal mines. They also dabbled in speakeasies, it seems, and the third floor of the house on the southeast corner of South did a thriving business. Also (Lexington is so darn interesting!) there is a tunnel under the house leading across the street for quick exit in case Eliott Ness and the boys showed up.
Speaking of Lexington history, a group of current residents are meeting to gather more stories for recording. We hope to have a monthly "storytelling" night, at which one or more persons familiar with a particular part of Lexington's past will regale those in attendance with "social" history.
Of course much of our history is well recorded, but there are many stories which must be preserved to give a complete picture of the town. There is a sense of urgency to get it "down on paper," and we have selected some storytellers, some writers and some editors to gather these tales. Meetings will be open to the public, but they will be structured in order to stay on track. They will also be recorded for transcribing.
After invited speakers cover a topic, those in attendance will be able to contribute their knowledge and/or ask questions. If you would like more information, contact me: or 660-259-4559.
And yet another program has surfaced, one to promote communication not only among the present community, but also for former residents who still retain interest in the old home town. I'll let Doug Booker fill you in:
Communications Forum being established.  We had our second meeting on Friday, June 17, with approximately 25-30 people in attendance.  With the Homes Tour,  Relay for Life, and other 'life' activities going on, the numbers were pretty decent, sorry to those who were there, that we had to kind of rush things to get people where they were going.  I am asking all of you to help us bring more people to the table (next meeting at Kenny Welch's Stable on July 1st, 5:30 pm).  This will take some effort to ensure people don't NO SHOW because they didn't know where the stable was, make sure you know and help with this.   It is kind of exciting to think that in just our first two meetings, we have seen nearly 55 different people in attendance.
In some ways, a big part of this process is about 'numbers'.  Communicating -which is the same thing as marketing- to others in the networks that we all have, inside and outside of Lexington.  Consider the significance of any asset that Lexington has, if every one of us communicated to each of our networks what is happening all the time.  Whether that is telling others about Homes Tours, or telling someone about a Stable/Rodeo/Trail riding facility here in Lexington, (for someone to come in and manage and bring people to Lexington for yet another reason)!!!  It is truly about networking and each of us bringing others to the process.   Think what our recent Heritage Days, coming Open Air Market or Homes Tour could have been if this network of Lexingtonians was truly working.  This will require us all to think long-term and be visionary in our thinking, while we continue to pound at all the short-term projects/processes that are occuring.
Since I do not give out TLC email addresses to anyone, you will need to contact Doug directly (or let me know and I'll pass the info along to him).
Doug Booker
Economic Development, Lexington
816.966.0865 (cell)
                     ..........'Making things happen for Lexington, TOGETHER !'
Guess I'd better find out where that stable is.
Harry Dunford asked me nicely to get this out last week, but that didn't happen. He's forgiven me, and I hope you will too.
Groundbreaking for the Lafayette County Veterans' Memorial was  held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11, on the 10th street side of the Lafayette County courthouse.
To date the committee has raised $105,000 for construction of a first class memorial at the site. The memorial will include three walls containing jet black tiles 4 x 8 inches with names of Lafayette County veterans of any era, their rank and where they served in wartime, peacetime or periods of unofficial conflict. Those killed in action or who died of wounds received in action will be eligible to have a star on their brick.
The 11,000 pound monument will be 5 feet 8 inches tall, topped by a bronze eagle with a wingspan of 52 inches. The monument will be of hexagon shape with front side dedicatory and the other five sides dedicated to each of the five branches of the Armed Forces. On these sides will be appropriate etchings such as battleships, tanks and aircraft.
The program at the groundbreaking included a history of the commitee since its inception in January, 2004, honor guard and color guards from VFW and American Legion posts in the county, appearances by county commissioners and an address by Joe Aull, state representative.
Congressman Ike Skelton could not be here for this event but has agreed to be the principal speaker at the dedication on Veterans Day in November.
Memorial bricks may be purchased at the present price of $150 until the cut-off date of July 31.
More people continue to sign up for TLC each issue, and the latest is Larry Kopp. Here's his note:
Clarice Duffett has graciously forwarded us the TLC. May we please be added to the distribution list. Larry (class 61') and wife Mary Dryer (class '64) reside in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Larry retired after 30 yrs of service each from school administration in 1997 and Army Reserves in 1996. We enjoy staying in touch with friends and classmates from Lexington.
Not everyone was fortunate enough to attend LHS, but they still sign up for TLC. Here's a note from a "foreigner":
Could we get put on your mailing list for the Lexington TLC letter? We live in Lexington; Barbara (Zeller) graduated from LHS in 1949, same class as Ike. I did not go to Lexington, rather I am a graduate of the famous Dover, Missouri High School in 1945 - one of a large class of 6.
Bill & Barbara Flanigan
Joe Anton also signed up!
Richard Vanzandt and James 0'Malley informed me about TLC and I would like to be included on your list please.  I knew your dad John even though I was a teenager.  I'm the youngest of the Anton family that lived on Main Street and owned the shoe service store.  I'm now living in Sierra Vista AZ fully retired from the US Air Force and Civil Service.  Enjoying life and have an 18-piece orchestra playing music of the Big Band era 30's to 60's, I play drums as well as own the orchestra.  Check our web site and any comments bad or good would be appreciated.  I can still learn from people. 
Thanks,  Joe Anton '47
                833 El Camino Real
                Sierra Vista. AZ 85635
Check it out!
And, since the loss of her husband Bob,  Marlene Martin is making some changes in her life.
Please put me on hold for 3 months, (June,July, August).  My computer will be out of service while I am in Missouri.  I will going back to sell the house and furnishings and see what to do with everything else.  I can not take my computer back with me as I am flying home.  I will be coming back
to make Sun City my home.

Just to keep you up on a few things I have been doing.  I think most of you know I have not felt real well while Bob was so ill and I sort of put me on hold.  Well I have been checking myself out and I went to a spine surgeon because I have been having such back aches.  I met him on Tuesday, he told me I had 3 fractured vertebra and needed to have some cement put in them.  I of course thought, YEH.  Well, I went into the hospital on Wednesday he fixed 4 fractures and at 10:00 the next morning I came home and feel great.  Oh, I am a little sore but no pain in my back as before. I could not believe it.  The guy is a super- duper spine surgeon.  I now have to just take it easy and not lift heavy objects.  I hope it all continues to get better. I do feel much better.  I believe I can handle my problems a little better now.

I will be flying out next Saturday morning and the fun begins.  I am not looking forward to everything but I do have so much support in Lexington I know things will go okay.

I hope to return to Arizona the last part of August but time will tell.  I will let everyone know when I am up and running.  I will have a phone in Lexington 660-259-2354. 
Later she added:

I hate leaving Lexington, but since Randy lives out here and I don't need but one place to live this seems like the right decision. I sure hope I have enough friends in Lexington so I can come back and visit. It seems like every day there is a new decision to make.  We take our loved ones for granted some times. Love them while you can.

Mary Pat Gueguen '58 Miller submitted the following carefully edited note:
Susan, just some comments:   TLC #75 was SO enjoyable!  As are they all.  As someone said, THANKS seems to be not enough.  But, THANKS!!!    Did we ever find out all the names of the Band Patrons meeting in the music room with Mr. Lewis? 
(Read on! - SSW)
 ____ ______ was my first  love, can  you believe!!!  Course I was still in grade school but I thought he was SO cute.  He and _____ ___ ____.  Next topic: The Dragon Den.  Loretta and I would have many stories to offer if you open it up for "memories of DD."  How are Dave and Flo???  I hope they are well. 
As a matter of fact, they seem very well, and I'm sure they would love to hear memories of Tastee Lunch/Slop Shop/Dragon's Den/Dave's Cafe (depending on your age), so send 'em in, folks.
And when you travel to our website, you will see as many IDs as we have garnered for the Band Parents/Boosters.
Here's the magic address: TLC #76 web pages
Your devoted scribe,


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