TLC logo TLC #74:   May 18, 2005

Dear Friends and Gentle People:
Across the wiiiiiide Missouri.....
In your hometown on Saturday 5/14/05 there was a significant occasion. We dedicated the Congressman Ike Skelton bridge over the Missouri River between Lafayette and Ray Counties.
Unfortunately the festivities dimmed by comparison to those in 1925 when 10,000 people came to witness the dedication of the original bridge. We were unable to hold the dedication at the site, due to contractors' concerns for safety. The bridge is nearly finished but will not open to traffic until late June.
Nevertheless, it was a gala occasion, and our Ike Skelton was honored in a grand manner. All festivities were held on the Wentworth grounds. The day began with a brunch in the dining hall. The dedication itself was held in the WMA fieldhouse, with many dignitaries, much pomp and circumstance, many brief speeches and lots of stirring music.
The Lexington and Richmond high schools combined to present choral and band music - appropriate to the occasion - and it was quite moving. The Skelton family was there in droves, plus Ike's LHS class of 1949 and some of his Sigma Chi fraternity brothers. It must have been very memorable for him. And he made a grand speech, as did new state representative Joe Aull, who introduced him; Big Jim Strodtman, presiding county commissioner, also made a fine speech. I hope I'm not leaving out anyone of significance to the recipients of this newsletter, but of course there were others, from MoDOT, etc.
To make you feel as if you had been there (or to re-live it if you were!), photographers Wally "Snaps" Hulver and Katherine VanAmburg immortalized the day and webmaster Bob Ball is installing the photos for you. Enjoy!
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This is actually out of order, but since it is timely I'm sending it first. No less than six (6!!!) people stopped me at the festivities to ask why I haven't gotten out a TLC in such a long time. Okay, mea culpa. No excuses. And I am sorry for the drought. However, I'll make it up by sending out TLC #75 in short order.
With abject apologies, I remain
Your Devoted Scribe,

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