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Of all the topics we cover in TLC, the one that brings the most reaction is the Odessa Ice Cream Shop. That and, of course, Tabo.
 Harry Dunford begins:
     I can certainly set everyone right on the Old Odessa Ice Cream Shop located the first building east of the Mattingly Bros Office in the 1300 Block of Franklin Avenue.

     It was my privilege to work as a soda jerk at this establishment. It was under the management of Mrs. Moore and her two sons. Sorry, but don't recall their names.

     This was I recall about 1938 when I worked there. The building was small, there was room for just three tables. The rest of the room contained the soda fountain and there was a small back utility room.

     Most of the customers inside the building came in the afternoons; however, at night we did a whopping trade in "curb service." Incidentally, all the help with the exception of Mrs. Moore was of the male persuasion. We made very fine car hops.

     Frequently on Saturday night we would run low on ice cream about 10:30 p.m. and they would bring over more from Odessa. We would then stay open until midnight or later.

     Later on I got a somewhat better paying job as soda jerk at the Marsh Drug Store in the 900 block on Main Street. This was probably about 1940.

     Mrs. Moore was replaced by Mrs. Bowers, her sons Jimmy and F.J. I am sure they will be remembered by many. I don't recall when the shop moved down to the 1500 block but it was probably during WWII, and I was otherwise occupied at the time.

     Anyway, I am glad someone* found this old advertisement as I have told people from time to time about the Odessa Shop being where it was and no one could recall it. I guess that shows I am over 40, 60 or 70.....I'm not sure, but I am sure I was a jerk. 

*That "someone" would be Wally '55 Hulver
Later Harry added:
     I have now recalled that one of Mrs. Moore's sons was named Donald. The older one I still do not recall.

    Garg Warden's recollection of the 1000 block of Main Street is accurate; however, it depends on what era you are talking about. Before and during WWII, up to 1946 at least, the location which became Davidow's was Cue's Cafe operated by Cue Ussery and his family. This was a very popular place. For older folks the food was good and prices reasonable. For younger folks a good place to meet and chat and, in the basement, was a long room used for parties and dances for the youth.

     Also sometime prior to about 1937, there was a J.C. Penney Store located between the Commercial Bank and Cue's Cafe. This was a rather large store, larger than the Penney stores at Richmond, Higginsville and Carrollton. Lexington lost out, though, as it was never replaced while the other stores lasted until well into the 50s.

   This is enough info from me for a while. Everyone does enjoy the TLC regardless of what era in Lexington they participated in.
 A nice note from Arthur Knapheide:
You had an item "Remember the Odessa Ice Cream Shop," the picture of the newer Odessa is on the north side of Franklin. The Odessa Ice Cream ad is from the original Odessa Ice Cream Shop. In Mary Pat (Gueguen) Miller's book "My Story," pages 61-64, she talks about the Odessa Ice Cream shop with a picture of the original shop. The Odessa was the first building east of Mattingly Bros office on the south side of Franklin Ave. I believe Mattingly Bros bought the old shop to expand their warehouse--not for sure on this. I remember my Dad carrying me in to get an ice cream cone in my p.j's, just like Mary Pat talks about in her book. I read the book and she took me down a lot of memory lanes. Great reading for us Lexingtonians. Good job, Mary Pat. And thanks again Susan for your hard work.
Then came an indignant note from Wallace '55 Hulver:
Dear Scribe,
You forgot to mention that you went over everything in my article with me, so you have EGG on your face too. Thanks for your kindness.
Let Mr. Warden write about the next block......
He does sound angry, doesn't he, about being corrected by Garg Warden? Any rebuttal, Garg? I did indeed go over the article Wally wrote but, you see, he is so much older than I am that I simply couldn't be expected to remember that far back. Much of it I simply had to take on faith. Such is the life of the scribe.
A major event is upcoming in Lexington, and it should be of interest to everyone. From 11/11/04 to 11/14/04 The Wall That Heals, a half-scale version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., will be displayed on the Wentworth campus. Ceremonies on 11/11 will mark the occasion, including speeches by U.S. Rep Ike Skelton, General Kevin Byrnes, Colonel Roger Donlon, and others. Military Fly-Overs, a Parade, Bands, etc. etc. More information can be obtained at; and general info at:
And don't forget you can always find current information about Lexington at
Sorry to end on a sad note, but word reaches me from Jane Ann Whitney '56 Hunt that her father, Glen Whitney, is very ill. In addition to that, he recently broke his hip so has considerable discomfort. I'm sure the family would appreciate your prayers and good wishes.
Your devoted scribe,

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