TLC logo TLC #57:  August 27, 2003


Dear Hearts and Gentle People:
Many of you know the Tabb family, so it's important to get this out right away. It's from Barbara Tabb '56 Jarman:
I am sad to report that we lost my Mom tonight (8/25) at around 8 o'clock. I can't deny that I am deeply saddened by losing her, but I am at the same time 'relieved for her,' as I think she was ready to go.  And, I did love her enough to want only what was best for her, and I think this was God's mercy at work. The last three days were pretty rough, and now she is at peace. Most of you have been through this yourselves, so you surely understand what I mean.
She was a pretty amazing lady, and I will sorely miss her from now on. But, I have a wealth of good memories to sustain me, and I am grateful for all those wonderful years we had together - it was much more than most people get!  It won't take me long to just draw off of that, and put some of this sadness aside - I would rather celebrate her life than mourn its end. But, I still have to get through the roughest part, the funeral.

We have arranged for her to be taken back to Lexington for that, and my younger son will drive me up; and, we will pick up my other son in Dallas if he can get away.  Greg (Gene) has been a real 'rock' for me through this all, and was right there for me and her through everything - he just doesn't feel up to the trip, and all that it entails. She was more like a mother to him than a mother-in-law.

I think I finally understand now just how and why she handled her own mother's death so well - sometimes things have to come around 'full circle' like they have for one to really grasp what someone has told you about their feelings. Strangely enough, I feel as close to her in death as I did in life - and, I attribute that to the love that I always felt from her, and for her.
The funeral will be this Saturday at 10 a.m. at the First Baptist Church, visitation Friday night from 7-8 at the funeral home.
In response to her photo that ran in TLC #56, Gene Boyer wrote:
Susan, Tell Barb Jarman that the class of '53 that went to Central school did not have a 6th grade school picture taken with Mrs. Rush. No one really knows why.
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