TLC logo TLC #55:  August 9, 2003

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
It's a sunny Saturday in the old hometown. And so dry! We just set a record for the driest July in recorded history. Lawns are turning brown, just the way we remember from our youth. That's Missouri in July and August.
Our major news for today is the unveiling of our website. You got a sneak preview last time, but now we're up and running. Bob '58 Ball, my computer consultant, is responsible for the design and the photos. He doesn't like to be given credit, so everyone be sure and tell him how much you like it. I take blame for the text.
Please visit The TLC #55 Web Pages .
This gives us a new dimension in being able to keep you posted about events in and around Lex. Also you are cordially invited to submit photos of yourselves, your past, your incredible grandchildren, your Harleys, your pets or anything else you would like to share. Most of all, I wish you would submit photos of general interest, such as from grade school or LHS, plays, minstrels, sports events. Just send things to me, and I'll get them to Bob.
No new establishments that I can think of have opened since issue #54. But I will tell you some properties that have sold in recent weeks. I alluded to them in issue #54. Some people from "The City" bought the old Methodist Church and plan to use it as a residence. The big victorian house at 20th & South sold to City People. The huge house on Highland that once belonged to Ike has been sold to a retired doctor (Joe Holman) from The City. He has lived here for quite a few years now. And other City People moving to Lexington include Bill & Davoren Tempel. Bill is coming home, just like many of us. They have purchased the Aull/Brasher/Blass house on Aull Lane.
And now to the mail:
From Loretta Gueguen '60 Broker:
Hi Susan - I'm wondering if you might ask everyone on the TLC list if they have any advice on finding ancestors in Lexington?  I recently made a trip to Ireland and visited the Caretaker's Cottage at All Hallow's College in Dublin.  That is where my Great-Great Grandfather John Murphy and his wife Mary Ann Shanley lived and raised four children before moving to Lexington. 
They must be buried in the old Catholic Cemetery (which I always accompanied my Mom to on Decoration Day, but sure couldn't find it today!)  I've written to the Parish Priest there and hope to hear from him.  I have now been bitten by the genealogy bug and am trying to find out about their parents.  I'm quickly finding out that there are all kinds of sites to go to on the web, BUT there's always a price tag attached when they get you interested.  Any advice out there on FREE ways to find out about relatives in Ireland?   Thanks for passing this on.
I'd be interested too!
And now TLC presents Tracer of Lost Companions:
From Wayne Tabb:
Susan - There is a person whom I knew when I was in grade school and I would like for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Clayton Gaffin to please send in a report on him.  In all the months of TLC I have not heard his name mentioned. He was/is a friend of mine whom I chummed around with when I was about l6 or 17, but lost touch with him when I went into the AF in 1952.  And yeah, there is a good story connected with him, similar to the one that I sent you several months ago about the old boiler and car collision at the Maid-Rite.
And so we come to the end of #55....until you visit the TLC website! Send in those pictures!!!
Your devoted scribe,


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