TLC logo TLC #45:  Sept. 22, 2002

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
It's a beautiful day in old Lexington. Temp is about 73, sunny, fleecy white clouds, and some of the trees are hinting of fall. We had some much-needed rain this week, and Mother Nature responded to that. It's been a very dry couple of months here. We could use more.
On the other hand, dry may be good. The West Nile Virus has been detected in Lafayette County. Sprint Park, across from the new movie theater, was dedicated last week. Sprint is allowing the city and Lexington Pride, a committee of Lexington Community Betterment Assoc., to build a "pocket" park. It will be a nice little green area with benches and period lighting where people can sit before they go to the movie - or before they visit the new steakhouse and brewery in the old brick building on 11th St; or after they stop in at the new candy shop/ice cream shop on 12th St. All of this is on Franklin and may be in operation before the end of the year.
Another big boost for our local pride came when Lexington 4 Life received a $250,000 donation from a local lady, Margaret Gray. You'll recall the Lex 4 Life project will be a complex housing the Senior Citizens Center, a medical and dental clinic, a day care center, and an early childhood training center, all under one roof. This is the first of its kind in the state and is receiving a lot of attention. Donations would be most welcome. They are tax deductible under the current IRS regulations.
Two class reunions are being planned. Shirley Collobert '50 Guevel-Jones writes:
The Class of 1950 is planning a 53 year reunion in 2003. Someday when I have more time, I really will write more.
Shirley, I'm waiting.
Another Shirley chimes in (Briggle Miller):
Regarding a paragraph within Donna Lutz Dye's comment, she quotes "A few words about Miss Bess, the piano teacher.  I noticed the comments about her rapping knuckles.  Is there anyone out there who really got their knuckles rapped?  I'm not coming to her defense, as you will see later, but just wonder if she ever really did that."

She rapped MY knuckles, and I switched to her sister for my piano lessons!

Then Shirley rapped my knuckles because I forgot to print the following in TLC #44:

The LHS Class of 1953 will hold its 50th reunion the weekend of October 10, 11, 12, 2003.  SAVE THE DATE. Details to come later.

Continuing on with memories (brace yourself) of Miss Bess, this just in from Norma Homfeld Barney:
Just had to add that I too took piano lessons from Miss Bess... I know she knew her stuff. I do remember her sitting beside me on the piano bench cleaning her toenails as I was trying to play... If you did not hit the right note she would rap you on the knuckles but not hard. .. Glad to hear others thought she was sorta a witch... but now we know better. 
Jan Jiovenale '57 Tubiolo:
(Speaking of "Snaps" Hulver's photos)...this is like a 'taste of home'!! I love it.  Fantastic pictures !!!  I'm so glad you're doing so much for all of us misplaced Lexingtonians and please, pass my appreciation on to Wally too.   I'm sure I'm only voicing everyone's feelings about TLC and the snaps of home.  My picture file is getting bigger and bigger, thanks to you.

AND NOW A NEW DEPARTMENT: Missing or Lost Persons:

Jack Gueguen asks:

For some reason, Zelma Wilmot came into my memory this morning, and I resolved to see if I can find out something about her whereabouts.  I think you might be in touch with her younger brother, Roger, and he would surely know.  Zelma was a year or two ahead of my class, which would be either '49 or '50.  We used to have "intellectual conversations" while exploring woods, hills, and the river edge before high school. We both worked for Esther Bowers at the Odessa.

I could ask Roger, but it would be better if he or Sue wrote to all of us. And, on the subject of Missing or Lost Persons:  several are still seeking whereabouts of John '57 Graves.


I'll bet more than one of you guessed who the culprit was in the "Boiler Down 14th St. Behind Maid-Rite" Caper. was none other than.....Wayne Tabb!

He gave me permission to unveil his identity, but I'll never do so without the culprit's blessing. So, am I to assume that Wayne and I were the only ones out there who ever got into trouble??? 'Fess up, People! It's good for the soul.

And one more new category "We met at Maid-Rite." Yesterday I had a long conversation with Norman Vialle who claims he was so busy working all the time he never noticed anything that went on around him. However, he did allow that a number of couples have told him they either met at Maid-Rite, or courted there, and one couple even went there on their wedding day! A couple whose names you would all recognize go to Maid-Rite every year on their anniversary. First one to guess gets a free subscription to TLC!

A final note: Many of you are already enjoying Growing Up in Lexington. If you haven't gotten around to it yet, the books are available by sending $15 to Marilou Edwards, 53 Perth Dr., Bella Vista, AR 72715.

Your devoted scribe,















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