TLC logo TLC #40:  June 16, 2002


Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
Shall we be made immortal? Shall we record our history for the generations that are to come? Wouldn't you love to read letters like ours, from 100 years ago? Well  - with your help - it can happen for future generations. Please read the interesting proposition below. (By the way, this would not be a commercial venture. Any fees charged would be simply to cover expenses of printing, postage, etc.) Let me know what you think! ...about anything. :-)
Your devoted scribe,
Now, allow me to introduce my very good friend, Marilou Edwards, wife of John R. '50 Edwards.
Dear TLC Subscribers,
Having been married to a Lexington boy for 45 years, I have heard so many wonderful stories of what it was like growing up in Lexington.  Anytime we were with one or more of John's classmates the stories would start flowing.  From these stories I knew that Lexington kids shared a very special time and place that is not found in other communities whether large or small.  And that everyone growing up in Lexington has a story to tell.
Susan has rejuvenated so many of your childhood memories  through The Lexington Connection  and we have enjoyed reading all of them, but at some point we hit the delete button and the memory then begins to again fade.
What I would like to do is take your stories and memories and put them in a printed form to keep forever.  Won't your grandchildren get a kick out of reading this?  There will be different categories/chapters, such as:  Teachers, School Events, Sports, Lexington Characters, Neighborhoods, Tabo, Childhood Friends, etc., etc.  The rest of the format is still on the drawing board, as they say.
Right now there are 39 editions of TLC to gathers stories from but that is just a beginning.  If you are interested in this project I need more of your "Growing Up In Lexington" stories. You can email directly to me, or send through Susan.
Hope you will share more of your Lexington memories for posterity.
Thanks,  Marilou Edwards

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