TLC logo TLC #27:  September 17, 2001

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
It's been a sad week for all of us and, frankly, I haven't felt much like writing. However, since so many of you "reached out" in need of contact, I'm going to send a slightly abbreviated version. Norman Thorson's letter will appear next time.
This is the gist of what I've been receiving since 9/11:
I guess you'll be hearing from a lot of people like me who feel a  need to reach out to everyone I know and put my arms around them.  This is a very frightening time, one without comprehension. We are at war, but with whom? What gives me a little comfort in my fear was an expression I heard on TV: much like "there are no atheists in foxholes."  It goes: "Courage is fear who has said its prayers."
There are a lot of prayers being said these days - not out of fear but out of love for our fellow man, and big enough to counter all the hate that went into the acts of terrorism. We'll get through this, together. God bless America.
Those of you who wrote will recognize your own contributions to portions of the above. Thank you for thinking of your TLC "family."
When last we were together, the classes of  '51 and '52 were about to reunite. Apparently, judging from the mail I received, they had a wonderful time:
Harriett Ann Skelton Hall:
Just a note - the classes of '51 & '52 had their 50th and 49th reunion.  What a blast, with a lot of remembering and tall tales told.  A lot of people have changed a little but a lot have not.  A big thanks to Liz Fenner, Herb & Eileen Carpenter and Bill & Laveda Cross.  It has been interesting reading TLC from my sister Mary Kay.  Thanks for signing me up.
Jan Rider McCoy:

 To repeat what probably 100's of others already have - "Wasn't it wonderful"!  We all lingered and just didn't want the time together to be over.  So many special people have graduated from LHS and it felt so good to see how the results of our Lexington years have carried over into our adult lives. Best Reunion we have ever had!!!
Eileen Mischon '52 Carpenter

Our class reunion was a huge success.  It was like stepping back in time to
see so many friends and the years just seemed to drop away. Thanks for sending our notices out to your following.
The tragedy that has struck our nation is devastating.  I was relieved to
hear that Chris, the daughter of Ray Miller '51 and Pat Kelly Miller '52,
an American stewardess who lives on the west coast was safe.
Who was there? The list follows.
Liz Bertz Fenner:
From the class of 1951:  Charlotte (Knapheide) and Bill Alegga, Melvin & Virginia Beckemeyer, Liz (Bertz) Fenner, Harriett (Skelton) Hall, Richard Horton, Larry & Jane Marcks, Lora Lee (Henning) and R. W. McClure, Mike & Bobbie McDonald, Lorraine (Mike) Monet, Margaret (Conover) Moore, Ruth (Thompson) and Don Olds, Ethel (Dothage) Ruether, Wally & Connie Schlueter, Carolyn (VanZandt) Schroeder, Fred Simmerman, Donald Simmons, Adam & Wanda Simonetti, Jean (Schenewerk) & Joe Stanton, Marry (Small) Wallace, Shari (Bruce) & Bill Williams.

From the classes of '51-'52:  Herb & Eileen (Mischon) Carpenter, Bill & Laveda (Coskey) Cross, Ray and Patsy (Kelly) Miller.

From the class of 1952:  Marilyn Abboud, Bill & Patsy Alexander, Alice (Wallace) & Jim Borders, Delite (Jobst) Bowen, Evelyn (Borne) Carelli, Margaret (Cretzmeyer) & Michael Casella, Joan (Epperly) Cognard, Maxine (Gosrosky) & James Dailey, Maxine (McMillian) & Chester Doile, Mel & Jeanne Fisher, Mary Liz (Backs) Guevel, Betty (Walker) & Dale Hilgedick, Ann (McKean) & Ken Hillestad, Bessie (Hackler) & Billy Bob Hoeflicker, Dianne (Harris) Hopkins, Jan (Rider) McCoy, Raymond & Charlotte Mishcon, Jack Olds, Bob & Vicki Paris, Rita Menaugh, Lawrence & Mary Lee Redden, Don & Marilyn Routon, Jim & Marlene (Gabler) Strodtman, "Baby" (Kehrees) & Frank Thompson, Hattie (Sweeney) & Kenny Ussery, Carolyn (VanCamp) & W.L. Wellman, Mary Jane (Gadt) & Jack Woodward.
Honored guest:  Glen Whitney, Senior Class sponsor.

A number of other guests joined us during the evening. Jim Strodtman acted as Master of Ceremonies for
the very informal program. (Lots of good jokes and stories from the good old LHS days.)
Ed. - If any of you would like photos from the reunion, via email, send me a note. SSW
Harry Dunford:
Memo to All: I have just found a great website if you are interested in checking out anything at all about movies past or present. I got into it by reading about it in USA and then last night it was featured on CNN Headline News. You have to register and then they send you an e-mail to confirm registration. Then when you log on you can check out just about anything past or present. For instance, I often wondered why a young man who played Ensign Keith in The Caine Mutiny never appeared in any other movie. I checked it out andfound the movie was made in 1955 and he died in a plane crash in 1956. Just got through checking out Bob Hope and they have a ton of photos you can access. The URL is  however I could not get it to come up that way so typed in Internet Movie Database on Google and was then able to access it that way. I thought you all might like to check this out.
Harry D the Director

Joe Parks:

Susan:  Thanks for including me on the TLC list.  Although I am not an official graduate,  all my growing up was in Lexington as I was a third generation born there.  I think I would have graduated if I had stayed. Ha.  Although Gordon Wright was doing his best to get me kicked out of school.  Ha...... I recognize many of these names and it brings back great memories.
Lucia Cope Hulston:
Some years ago I got interested in the Douglas School.  Joe Aull sent me copies of books Mr. Bell had written about public schools in Lexington, but there wasn't much about Douglas.  Anyway, honoring Professors Green and Carter is a great idea.
Do you by any chance have the addresses of Effie and Irma Boldridge?  Other than Effie, what other women from Lexington got PhD's?  I think she's had a pretty interesting life.  Could we get her and her sisters on the TLC list?  (As you and Barbara Lee groomed me in the "newspaper business," so did Tom Walker and I, Effie)  (Is that funny usage or what?  How would you diagram that sentence?)
I'll take the study hall room on the top floor, home of some of my greatest mischief and fun!!
I accused Lucia of just wanting the biggest room....and I'm working on the Boldridge addresses, having located a relative here. Will report them eventually.
Mary Kay Skelton Smith (printed under protest):
Dear Lexington Friends: This newsletter has been such a joy to me and I'm sure to everyone else, according to the number of people on the list. Susan, you are just wonderful at this job that you have undertaken. All of us are privileged to
have you as the Editor. You inherited your Dad's sharp wit and talent. Thank you for all of your time and efforts that have gone into compiling the news every week. Susan wouldn't mention any personal details in the letter. Journalism protocol, I suppose. I will however mention that David
and I had the pleasure of Susan and Ken's company this summer at our house while they were in Littleton visiting their children and grandchildren. We will have them again in October for another visit and many more to come. While they were here, they were privileged to go to the Rockies baseball game and sit in a private box suite owned by our star pitcher, Danny Neagle. Comment: We weren't invited! It seems one of their sons just happens to be a good friend. Susan and Ken met him after the game and were very impressed by his cordialness and kindness. He's paid millions but the Rockies didn't win. Come to think of it, we haven't won any more games.
O.K., maybe one!  
The Skeltons had a family reunion at our house in Littleton this summer. Arch, Harriett Ann, Charlotte and their families were here. We thought we were going to have to put some in the bathtub or hang them from the rafters to accommodate everyone but once they came, some sought motels. Whew!!! It was wonderful though. We added some more good memories to the memory book. We didn't have the pressure of putting chocolate mints on their pillows at night. Susan and Ken do insist on that when they visit. We comply but only because our friendship is solid.  

It's so good to read your letters each week. Would love to hear from more
of you.   MK
Connie Beretta Pulley

CAN'T BEGIN (yes, I'm shouting) to tell you how much I enjoy the "Issues."
With each one I find myself thinking about all the good times shared with the
TLC family.  I am thankful for those memories and I am thankful for you, our
devoted scribe.

The following comes to mind, thanks to Shirley Guevel-Jones' reminder of the
"good teachers" that we had.  Include me in the group of those having regrets for not being more ready to learn.

Miss Lena Meierer was the librarian when I came to LHS.  I didn't learn English from her but I did learn that you could get into a WHOLE lot of trouble by communicating with your eyes in her study hall!

Hardly a day goes by that I don't apply something I learned from Miss Carlene Hendrickson in Home Ec. She taught 'proper' nutrition long before that adjective preceded the nutrition as we know it today.

All that I know about typing I learned from Miss Strathman who dressed to
the '9's', and wore sexy hi-heels...every single day! She was so pretty.

Didn't retain much of what I learned in gym but I do remember another
pretty young lady, Miss Vanderfeld and her turned-up collars. As a teacher of
Fashion Technology to inner city junior & senior students let me tell you,
she was well ahead of her times.

Mrs. Ernestine Seiter's jewelry always matched.  She had a brooch to match
every pair of earrings.  I remember stories about her beloved Brown 'Dawg',
and her introduction to Enunciation 101'..."May-Ree is mare-ree because she is going to maah-ree Laah-ree."

And now to address the subject topic..."LHS Arms"... Mrs. Seiter's room was
my first choice also...any chance of converting it to a duplex?
Ed - Okay by me.

Kudos to Larry & Beverly Bland, "Baby" Kehrees & her husband Frank,  and
good luck Gene Boyer. With special
affection to all.
Norma Gadt

I believe the name of the predecessor of Carroll Lewis was Mr. West.
Of course it was!

Laveda Cross:
Your TLC has made a lot of people's life's a lot richer not to mention keeping everyone up-to-date with Lexington goings-on.  Hey, maybe even some of them will consider moving back to Lexington, you reckon?? 
Many of us have, and are glad we did. Autumn is beginning to "fall" now. Weather has cooled, trees are beginning to turn, and we survived yet another Vintage Homes Tour this weekend. Although our hearts are heavy, Lexington is lovely. And the flag flies proudly here.
Your devoted scribe,

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