TLC logo TLC #18:  June 28, 2001

Dear Friends:
This issue of TLC is not a fun one. We have some serious concerns in our TLC community, and it's painful to report.
Last night we lost Judy Ussery '58 Johnston, to cancer. She put up a valiant struggle and endured more tragedy in the past year than most people have in a lifetime. Her granddaughter was killed in a car wreck just after Christmas, and one of her sons died (of cancer) this spring. Her sister Beverly Ussery '56 Bland has been here with her. Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to her husband Gary Paul Johnston '57 and the rest of their family.
Next news comes from Gene Boyer. I'll let him tell you in his own words:
"I thought I would send an overall message to you since the replies have been several. I thank you for that. I have been on a 7-year trial prostate cancer research, and the last thing they do is a biopsy and it came back pos.  So I go to the DR. Tues next week  to see when I  can get in at Tulsa. Will keep you posted. Thanks again GENE"
Then, later:
"Here is a general report from the DR.  A major surgery ; I could have had this for 20 years to get to the size that  it is . Which is really not going to be known until after surgery. Could wait for a while but you never know what may happen. Several ways to treat this,but surgery is the best way to get it all since it's in a confined area. I wanted to get a few of these little smileys at the start. I have to maintain a positive attitude. A DR. Forrest in Tulsa is to call hopefully this week to set up a time for surgery. I figure its not going to go away; so let's get it out. The PSA lab work was o.k. and the rectal exam was o.k. So the bio was the best  way to catch it. I want to THANK ALL of YOU now while its fresh in my mind  and before I have another Senior moment  When I know something you will be the first to know.  Love ya, Gene"
I'm sure we all have someone special who may be struggling with cancer or something equally difficult. And if you'd like the support of the truly wonderful and loving people who subscribe to TLC, please send that news as well as the good news. But be sure to get permission first.
Liz Anne White '57 Kramer is undergoing experimental treatments for mesothelioma, which is a cancer usually caused by exposure to asbestos. She's a fighter, and I'm putting my money on her. Still, she and Gene and Judy's family can all use our prayers. Send general messages to TLC, and they will be duly reported. If you would like addresses to write directly to someone, I'll get them for you.
It's a good idea, in fact, to remember your entire TLC family in your prayers.
With a lump in my throat, I remain your loyal scribe,

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