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Dear Hearts and Gentle People:


I know! It’s amazing. Yet another TLC this soon. So many of you were kind enough to write after the last one that I have enough to warrant another newsletter. Some are just brief notes to me, but I’ve found readers like to know who else is reading TLC. So here goes, but stay tuned for current events in Big Lex.


Shirley Briggle ’53 Miller:

Wonderful, Susan!  So much in here, and all the hungry recipients are deeply grateful.  No matter who writes it, I know what's going to be the first line in your obit. (I assume she means Dear Hearts & Gentle People). And I mean that to be loving. Thanks for getting back to it, and I hope the pressure on you eases up.  But really, I would still like to see a roundup of Ken's life.  Since he didn't come from Lexington, a lot of us would like to know him better. Shirley – I believe the Obituary can be found on the Walker-Nadler-Fuller Funeral Home website.


Billie Collobert Romero:

So happy to see the TLC again-and that you are moving on-it's difficult but are doing it.  We are both well  81+ and almost 87. We both do a lot of volunteer work and Joseph is still very active with his Masons.  Actually I may get fired from my Wed. volunteer job as I am running late but took time to read your news!! Good to hear and read from you! Keep it up. Thanks.


Last TLC had an anonymous request for news of an old friend. This is the answer: “I found out about Marvel Lee just a few weeks ago.  Sadly, it was in an obituary.  She passed away, evidently very quietly after a short illness just last December, leaving a big family.”  


Gordon White ’59 made contact:  Thank you Susan.  I can only imagine your efforts to get back to some sense of "normal."  I hope putting together the latest TLC helped the process.  Many, many of us appreciate the connections to Lexington the TLC's provide. Gordon reports that he and his wife, Carol, still have Carbondale, IL as home base.  I have been retired from So. IL U Carbondale for 11 years.  Carol is a retired nurse and spends all of her time quilting.  My hobby is baking sourdough bread, no two batches are the same, giving away three loaves and keeping one for our consumption.  We winter in Harlingen, TX and travel with our Airstream trailer a lot the rest of the year.  I have many wonderful memories of my four years of high school at LHS.  Jim Duvall and wife Beverlee winter near us in the winter and provides me with many of the happenings in Lexington.


Conrad Pitz ’56 wrote: So good to hear from you again and what a treat to receive the new TLC. Our prayers have been with you.


Mary K Gooseman ’58: I happened to buy a paper today, being that my granddaughter Jena White from Las Vegas won an art competition for the design of a limited edition pin (which I have one) for the Hard Rock Hotel, out of nearly 400 Las Vegas high school students who entered. It was in today's issue of the newspaper. She will be a senior this fall.  I also enjoyed receiving the TLC as always. Thanks!  


Faithful correspondent Don Barrot wrote again: THANK YOU for resuming the TLC newsletter!!!  It and you have been much missed!!!!!  I mentioned the newsletter just last weekend when I met Lucky Baker (still a Lexingtonian) and Janice Mussatto (born and raised in Lexington, now in California) for lunch in Nebraska City, Nebraska. I am eagerly awaiting my next visit down home....because that's what Lexington is.....home!!!  Hopefully around first of November…Welcome back!!!!!


Mickey Dishman’s wife Terrie wrote: So glad you’re back. Mickey wants to know if anyone remembers the Sky Invaders Model airplane club in the early 50's, at the Goosepond. We’ll be waiting to read about it!


Hey Readers! This is something I do not remember. Please fill us in on those memories.


Vicki Gooseman ‘70 Pena said: Nice to see you back and thanks for doing this.

Norma Wilson ’53 Gadt:  Please accept our deepest sympathy (belated), in the loss of your husband.  Living down here in Texas it's difficult to keep up with all the news. Thanks again for getting "back in the swing" and keeping all of us alums updated.

Thank you all for your sentiments. They are greatly appreciated.

Webmaster Bob Ball ’58 made an interesting observation! He noticed the similarity between the Peckerwood Club sign and the Maid-Rite logo. If you go to the wonderful and simply amazing  webpages for this issue he will highlight this tidbit. But, as a preview, I think you will be able to see the Maid-Rite logo below:


Now on to the Lex news. But first a correction:


There was wrong information on the Old Homes Tour. Correct dates are Sept. 14 and 15. Open 10 a.m. Saturday, Noon on Sunday. Homes close at 4.

Further information can be found at


The newest book on Lexington’s history is out now and is available from the Lexington Historical Association. All proceeds from those sales go to the Museum. The book is a pictorial essay on Lexington, Images of America: LEXINGTON. It was compiled by Roger Slusher and published just after his death on July 4. The book is available from other sources too, but you may order it from the Museum or from me. Checks should be made to Lexington Historical Association, $22.50 includes postage. No matter how much you already know about Lex, I guarantee you’ll learn something new.


One of the most shocking events locally made the national news. Riley’s Irish Pub, in the middle of Block 42, collapsed. A few hours later the owner, Katherine VanAmburg, died at her home. She had been sick for a very long time, and her death was not unexpected, but having these two events happen on the same day set us back on our heels. The building had structural problems, and a portion of the exterior wall fell in June. While discussion about what to do took place, more deterioration also took place. And then the collapse. The business itself had moved to a location at 12th and Franklin, southeast corner, and it will continue there. That building was a house belonging to the first mayor of Lexington, Eldridge Burden. It had been moved from its original site on 10th St. to the current location by owner Bob Langdon quite a few years ago. For details on that move, and photos, check the TLC archives. Previously the building had housed Johnnie’s Catfish.


I’m waiting to hear from you, and so are your old friends. Remember, we know where you are!


Your devoted scribe,








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