TLC logo TLC #134  September 12. 2011

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
The old hometown is buzzing with excitement and preparations for the week's festivities. We are observing the 150th anniversary of the Battle of the Hemp Bales aka the Battle of Lexington.
I cannot begin to describe all the events but, in addition to the re-enactment and occasional skirmishes, there will be an author's forum, a film festival, a Parade with four marching bands, old-time Base Ball in the Goosepond, a Social (read: Beer) Garden, lots of entertainment and vendors, plus a Chautauqua Tent.
Yawl come!
For further and completer information, see
And if you cannot make it to Lexington this week (events begin on Wednesday and go through Sunday), our annual Apples, Arts & Antiques Festival will take place in just two weeks, Oct 1 and 2.
This is a brief message to remind you of these happenings and to direct your attention to the web pages for this issue of TLC.
Webmaster Bob Ball '58 is in the process of posting many items of interest.
Snaps Hulver was busy recording history via his camera, and there will be photos by him of our recent Community Fair Parade and the amazing Patriot Walk which occurred on Friday. Estimated crowd was over 600 people! You'll see some familiar faces.
But that's not all! Just before the last issue, we had a bad storm. There are photos from several sources showing the damage. No one was hurt, but we lost quite a few trees, and there was some structure damage.
In addition, we are featuring the photo which was supposed to be embedded, but was not, in the last issue. (Technology is not my friend.) Jim O'Malley shared a photo of a Bathing Beauty contest from 1937 at the community swimming pool which was behind the old high school. Actually, saying "old high school" could refer to the site on Southwest Blvd, or Central School (where the "new" post office is), the Jr-Sr High School at Main & 16th...or even the current high school, which has had the "new" rubbed off it. In this case, it was located behind the Jr-Sr High School, on the 16th St. side. It was removed in order to build a tennis court, which when weather warranted, also served as a skating rink. How about that, Youngsters?
Jim O'Malley's mother is shown second to right, and she captured second place. Jim also has been thinking about our coal mining era:
Thought you'd find this interesting.  Lexington has many old coal mines and I wonder if there's any record or map of them?
Bette Phipps Thomas, who thinks she is a lot younger than I am, objects to being placed in the Class of 1958. She is from the Class of 1959. The editor regrets the error. She contributed the following:
Again I enjoyed TLC but am saddened to learn of the deaths of so many fine people who contributed so much to the Lexington I remember. There's just one teensy, eensy fact I'd like to correct: I graduated from LHS in 1959, not 1958. You must have been thinking of my older cousin, Diane O'Malley, who was born four months before moi.

Jim (O'Malley), I really enjoyed the website you passed on; in fact I was so engrossed I didn't get to bed until no o'clock in the morning. I'd been told that, as children, my father and his older sister, Aunt Ann, were put in a boat during the flood of 1903.  They had to have been with others (family?), but no one else was ever mentioned. So as you can imagine, I spent a lot of time researching Missouri River floods.  I also learned more than I'd ever known, or wanted to know, about the Missouri River, floods, height and depth of the river from the 1800s on and numerous technical data about channels, the measuring of height and depth year by year.
Ray Parker, who really was in the Class of 1958, invites his buds to check in to his blog. The address is:
If you get to town for the upcoming festivities, stop by to say Hey. I'll be at the Live in Lexington Concert Series booth, passing out (hopefully correct) information at the kiosks, trying to keep the Temperance Ladies out of the Social Garden, and generally enjoying the scene. You'll recognize me - I'll be in period costume....along with several hundred others.
Your devoted scribe,

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