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Eighth Grade Graduation, 1945

Jim O'Malley has sent us another gem! We'll repeat what he said about it:

 Photo courtesy Jim O'Malley

Here's my 8th grade graduation picture from the Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Lexington, MO in 1945. Top row: L to R, Jimmie O'Malley, Wanda Mike, Father T. J. Carney, Alice Borne, Wilburn Meieier; Bottom row: L to R, Beverly Kelly, John Ruehter, Barbara Zeller, Bernard Schreiner, Shirley Epperson. All of us are still alive but Father Carney died many years ago. He came from County Mayo, Ireland, where my Grandfather Peter O'Malley came from. He had a beautiful Irish accent. He tried to teach me some Gallic, but I wasn't ready for it then. I can't believe that this coming May it will have been 65 years ago!!! ... Jim O'Malley