TLC logo TLC #126  June 26, 2010

Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
I write to ask your indulgence. My ISP decided I was Spamming when I sent off  TLCs. Because they went from my Outbox to my Sent box, without notification except that they had been scanned for viruses, I did not realize that so many of you were not receiving them. I have spoken to my ISP and have made adjustments to my controls. And now I believe the problem is fixed!
I am going to re-send #124 and #125, which nearly everyone did not receive. If you have missed any other issues, let me know and I'll send them to you individually. This may also be a good time to suggest that if you would like to be removed from the mailing list, I'll be happy to do that...if I can see through my tears. 
Meanwhile I will include the following note, which just arrived from the chair of the Auditorium Commission, Abigail Tempel:
Susan, Thank you for the information and support you provide regarding the auditorium in the TLC publication.  It truly is appreciated.  The responses from readers are wonderful and welcomed.  These help us identify events and dates for which there may be pictures or news articles, or oral accounts.  One of the Friends of the Auditorium Commission's ideas for the renovated auditorium is to have a rotating exhibit of these past events and bring these memories to life for our young people and visitors.
Thought has been given to soliciting funds from alumni and former an endowment for marketing, programs, children's theatre, etc.  Once we have the not-for-profit status in place, we will revisit these possibilities in more detail.
The TLC readers also may be interested to know that the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation (also called Missouri Preservation) on May 18 designated the Zion AME Church as one of the state's Most Endangered Historic Buildings.  We will be working with the AME Conference trustees in Kansas City to stabilize this building at 16th and Lafayette Streets and find viable, alternative uses for it.  Information about the building's nomination can be found on  Any memories or history your readers may have concerning this building would be appreciated.
Ending on a "down" note, word reaches us that Lee Dresser has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Due to Lee's recovery period, The Krazy Kats have cancelled all performances for the months of May, June, July and August. They write: "So as the old song says, "SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER"!  53 YEARS AND STILL ROCKIN'!"
'Til next time, fare well!
Your devoted scribe,

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