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Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
This installment has a table of contents. First, Hurricane Ike (not our Ike); the Krazy Kats; then Reunions (those Gueguens, the Blue Birds girls' baseball team, the classes from the early 50s, the LHS class of 1958); and finally, everyone's favorite, Miscellaneous.
She had sent a full report on Hurricane Ike, but Barbara Tabb '55 Jarman didn't want me to print it all. This came in shortly after the storm. Of the report:
It's too long, and I sent it to all on my e-mail list, but it's probably not of much interest to TLC readers. It still looks like a war zone down here, but it's also amazing how much has been done.  I sure feel for those folks without electricity because the hot humid weather is back after a cool spell.  Take care - always look forward to TLC and hearing the news.  Here are some good pictures taken after hurricane Ike: 

I was also concerned about Jerry Mischon '56 and sent off a plea for news, telling him we were worried. Did I hear back? NO! But later Bill Tempel '56 wrote the following: "You okay?" and got back this report:
Yes.  Minor damage from losing some shingles and small drips through the roof because of that.  No power for the first 9 days, but I got a generator on the second day which kept the refrig and lights going. 

I missed the rest of it as I went to Egypt for 11 days and my power came back on before I got home.  Quite a trip. 

Things are still a little wild with a lot of homes still without power after 2+ weeks. Thanks for asking.

Do we have anyone else living in the Houston/Galveston area?
If so, please send a report.
And now a note from Earlene Hancock '57  Edwards:
I was in Lexington for our softball reunion, but only for a very short time on a Saturday.  My daughter lives in Kansas City, KS so she drove me to Lexington.  My time was very short there.  We had a small get together at Bonnie Burnett Hoeppner's home.  There were about ten of us in attendance. And when I inquired: There was no softball game - I think we all are a little too old to even try to play a game (smile). 
I sent you all a flyer about the Krazy Kats appearance in Lexington. They have a mighty big following, and a lot of locals showed up too. If you like 50s music, it was the place to be. I am not exaggerating when I say that for every single song, the dance floor was full.
Tom Campbell '57 remembered them:
Thanks for sharing this information with me.   Brings back memories !!!  I believe the leader of the band was a Lee Dresser.  I met him after his years playing in Lexington at the University of Missouri.  He was playing in Columbia and I think he was in school as well.  We had some nice visits about his performances at good old Lexington.  As I recall, he was going to California to make some records and play in that area.  Again thanks for now...I wish I could be there for the occasion but we already have plans for that weekend in Waterloo.
Don't forget me when its time for the TLC news.   I enjoy reading about the news in Lexington and also remembering
the people mentioned.
Lee Dresser and his two compatriots (they were briefly called The Dresserettes!) love Lexington and have fond memories of all the dances they played for at the auditorium. It was a sentimental journey for many.
Mary Ann Mullen '57 Lane waxed nostalgic:
The info about the Krazy Kats concert brought to mind an old cheer that I wrote during my tenure on the cheerleading squad.  It was during basketball season, and of course, Paul Fenner was one of the starting team members.  It went like this with a clap, a finger snap, and a sing song style:
There's some crazy cats on the Lexington team
These boys can't help but be on the beam.
They got a real cool daddy Coach Charlie Neiss
With him a-pushing pep just can't cease
So won't you join us while we give a cheer
For the hip cat team a-playing here.
Rah (clap) Rah (clap) rah rah rah
Well, Mary Ann, I'm sure that's in the Cheer Hall of Fame. Thanks for sharing. 
On the same night we were jitterbugging in the auditorium, the Class of 1958 was down the street at the Carriage House celebrating 50 years. They had a grand time, and a few wrote to me about it. This from Mary Kay Wilcoxon '58 Gooseman:
We had a fantastic reunion and everyone really enjoyed themselves, which was our goal as well as having as many in attendance as we did.  We had 57 reservations (classmates) and 3 weren't able to make it at the last minute, so had 54 classmates for a total head count of around 95.  If memory serves me correctly, this is the largest turnout of any of the other 50th reunions thus far, which was 'my personal goal' to achieve.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and was the 'typical' weather we usually have this particular weekend in October, For many it was the first time back in many, many years.  We had a total of 54 classmates that being the reason we chose this weekend. It appeared you had a good turnout for the "Kats" Saturday night as well, from looks of parking along Franklin.
There was a hot time in the old town that night.
Rumor has it that the early 50s LHS group who reunited earlier in the fall also had a grand time. But no one wrote to me about it. Perhaps we'll get a report AND some pictures.
And while we're speaking of pictures, be sure to visit this issue's web pages.
There are photos from the '58 reunion, and also pictures of the Gueguen family reunion. They had about as many as the '58 people did! Remember when you look at that crowd, that it all began with the "four queens and a jack" - and not all of them were present!!!
And now for Miscellaneous:
Jim O'Malley '49 offered this up:
Do you think anyone would like to read about the old Eagle Theatre on Block 42?  I spent many an evening there when I was a pup.     
Of course! Everyone would. Write on. 
 Sharon Shurmantine '65 McGinness brought back another memory from Fall in Lexington:
I don't remember reading any other comments about it, but I remember how wonderful the Fall Festival was.  In my mind's eye, it was like a miniature Rose Bowl Parade - dozens of floats and, of course, the Fall Festival Queen, along with her attendants and other contestants.  What a wonderful fall event that used to be.  Along with the parade and the Fall Festival Queen, there was the carnival, with ferris wheel, the tilt-a-whirl, lots of popcorn and cotton candy.  That was a glorious time and is a special memory. 
Sharon, your memory is much like mine, although I preceded you by a few years. Many of us cringe to recall traipsing across the auditorium stage in bathing suits and high heels!!!!  There may be a photo of that in the TLC archives.
As for other activities, the past weekend was the Historic Homes Tour. All of the houses were antebellum (meaning: before the bellum), and all beautiful but different from each other. The newspaper said 550 attended, and the weather could not have been nicer. Many out-of-town people made a point of saying how much they enjoyed it.
Just two few weeks before that, the Apples, Arts & Antiques Festival was held. Again, the weather was wonderful, the town was full, and it was a nice boost to the local economy.
This weekend the Friends of the Anderson House will be conducting tours of Machpelah Cemetery. Perfect for Halloween week, because visitors will be introduced to the actual people residing there. The FOAH do a great job. If you are nearby, come for it. You won't be disappointed. There is quite a lot of entertainment in this town for a modest price.
TLC is apolitical, but do remember to vote! And please write to us with your memories of the Fall Festival...and of Block 42.
Many of you know that  Slick and Sharron Jenkins '57 Heathman lost their house in a recent fire. Please send some memories of them, and we can help them rebuild that area.
Your devoted scribe,

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