TLC Logo Marshall Municipal Band Concert

Although many Missourians are unaware of it, the fair city of Marshall, MO, is home to a small-town treasure: The Marshall Municipal Band. Your webmaster recalls seeing, a number of years ago, a fifteen-minute segment on the CBS Sunday Morning program devoted to this band. The Marshall, MO, web site notes that, "As in times past, the Marshall Municipal Band still performs on the town square Thursday evenings throughout the summer months." Lexington recently had the pleasure of hosting a summer concert by the band on the steps of the historic Lafayette County Court House.

All photos courtesy of Wally Hulver, '55

And what would an outdoor concert be without snacks? On the left, Kenny Maib waits patiently for his chocolate treat while, on the right, Lexington's Mayor, Tom Hayes, checks his pie and, also, we assume, the concert. This concert attracted a good-sized crowd but you had to bring your own chair!

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