TLC logo TLC #103:  September 16, 2007


Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
You guys are the greatest. I am not surprised. Sir Alfred of Worthington is leading by a vast margin at this point, but the contest doesn't end until Tuesday or Wednesday. The votes are supposed to be tallied then. You realize, of course, that if he wins Cat of the Month that he will be in the running for Cat of the Year. And I'll be begging for votes again! (No, there is no prize that I know of.) Alfred did say to tell you that if nominated, he will run; if elected he will serve. Thanks. (I'm still embarrassed.)
We had some bad news today. Wayne Hayes, LHS Class of 1957, died on Friday. Wayne was here for the 50th Reunion in June, and he really enjoyed it. It was the first time many of us had seen him since graduation. He told me he was a member of the "zipper club" - open heart surgery - but the cause of death has not been determined at this time. Nor have arrangements been made. Wayne lived in Sedalia. If you would like to know about services, send me a note and I'll keep you informed.
This arrived from his sister, Rose Hayes '57 Seitz:
It is my sad duty to report that Wayne passed away this morning. No arrangements at this time. An autopsy is being done to determine cause of death.  He and family had visited on Sunday, and he was feeling better at that time.  He had a stint put in about 2 weeks ago and was doing great, according to his doctors. 
We dedicated the outdoor historic timeline mural last week. People seem to be very pleased with it, and those at the Homes Tour last weekend were very interested. I have no details on the results of the Tour, but I believe it was quite successful. Certainly the weather could not have been nicer.
Go to our web pages for photos from the mural dedication:  
Yesterday was the semi-annual Ladies Night Out downtown. The merchants stay open late, have terrific sales, and serve refreshments. Gals come from all around, including many Red Hatters, and they have a fine old time. The shops offer big discounts, and it's very enjoyable on both sides of the counter.
Our new Chinese restaurant is very popular, and later this month another eating establishment will open. Mulligan's Pub and Grub is located at Franklin and 9th, in the little monument building. It calls itself "The littlest pub in Missouri," and is loaded with charm. New folks to Lexington, Chuck & Barbara Shogren, are the proprietors. They live in what we call "The Wentworth House" at 16th & Main.
And now for a preview of coming attractions:
-I have received 61 (!) notes to date from you regarding the Cat of the Month contest! Thanks to all who voted, and our next issue will include the results. For those of you who haven't followed this, I sent in a photo of Sir Alfred of Worthington into the site, and he was chosen Cat of the Week. Now he's in good position for Cat of the Month, Mr. August in his fur coat.
-There will be even more information on the enigmatic Entine family!
-Almost an entire issue will be devoted to Bobby Price's injury and subsequent death at the fateful football game in Oklahoma City in 1947. Meredith '47 Stephenson brought newspaper clippings about it, and many many people wrote in.
You may look for that soon. Meanwhile, as Bob & Ray would say, hang by your thumbs.
Your dedicated scribe,

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