TLC logo TLC #8:  March 21, 2001

Hello Gentle People:
I'll start off with a correction. Our mayor (the one I bragged about recently) made a mistake when he announced the date for the ceremony dedicating John Shea Avenue. It is APRIL 27 instead of March 27. Other than a nonrefundable plane ticket for my daughter, no harm done. Dogwoods will be in bloom, and they are planning a nice ceremony. So all of you who said you'd like to be there but couldn't make it on March you can!
We will have a little reception after the ceremony. I hope I don't have Carpal Tunnel by then - from typing my brains out on this newsletter. Must I go on, or have I generated any guilt yet?
By the way, "carpal" looked strange to me, so I ran a spell check. Sure enough, my program said it should be "carpool"! Yep. That's what I've got: Carpool Tunnel Syndrome.
That's enough about me. Around town: you should see the Franklin Hole! They are digging and grading and smoothing. Something big must be going to happen!
Here are some messages from old friends:
From Mike McDonald:
My wife, Bobbie, had her right breast removed on Monday due to a cancerous lump.  She had her left breast removed three and a half years ago.  She is back home and recovering rapidly.  Would appreciate her being included in everyone's prayers.
From Jim O'Malley:
Hi Susan,   On Monday of last week, Ellie  & I went to Steve Heghin's
funeral in Lexington.   He was a long-time teacher at Wentworth.
His daughter, Carolyn, was a classmate of mine at LHS, class of '49.  Her
married name is pronounced Fettrow, but I'm not sure of the spelling. (Ed: Fetrow)
Carolyn lives in Richmond, VA.   Thought you might like to include this in
a future issue of the Lexington ENEWS.    Sophie Kehrees Vialle of
Lexington was also a classmate of ours and should be able to give you her
correct spelling.
From Shirley Briggle:
(She mentioned planning to dine with Jim Lehrer and his wife. I inquired "The real one?")
Yeah, the "real one."  We went to MU J-School together, (he was a year OLDER! and still is!) then after the Service, he came here and worked for Bob at the Dallas Morning News.  Later he was at the other paper, the now defunct Dallas Times Herald, then  had a news show here on the PBS station that was very much like the one he has in Washington, without the snazzy set.  Their kids and our kids played together, etc. We see them when they come to town and when one or both of us is in D.C.
From Charlotte Skelton Guiberson:
Dear Susan,
It has been many, many years since we have communicated. Thank heaven for
e-mail!!! Enjoyed you seventh letter. It was wonderful hear about all the people from
the past. It was great to hear about Jan Rider, Dr. Ward  and Billy Don Baker.

I have been living in Texas for almost forty years.  I love it here . It is very exciting to see  this area grow.  I have two  grown children, girl and boy.  My daughter was married in Dec. 1999  and she delivered my first granddaughter in Sept. 17. Shelley, (named after Shelley Cope)  and her family live in Boca Raton, Fl.

My son Steve lives in Austin.  He is working on his third under-graduate
degree.  He has a couple of businesses.  His girlfriend Amy has Amy's Ice
Cream stores.  There are nine of them.  George W. Bush is crazy about Amy"s
Ice Cream.  It is wonderful .  I am especially fond of Mexican Vanilla!!!!

My husband Jerry is with IBM.  We have been married 9 1/2 years.  He is
wonderful to have around.  We are so grateful to have found one another.

Just thought I  would let you know that I am glad to be on your list.  Talked with Lucia Cope Hulston, and Anne Thompson Johnson  last week and they would like to be included on your list. Lucia's e-mail  address is and Anne's is  I hope you will include them on your list.
I often think of your dad Susan.  He truly left his impression on many
people.  Our dad loved John Shea .  He always got a kick everytime he wrote
about our family or the dogs in his column.  I remember how sweet and kind
he was.  So glad they are naming  Highway 13 after him.  He will always be
From Janice Jiovenale Tubiolo:
First of all, congratulations on the honor to your father.  Well deserved. 
Won't be able to make it back for the momentous occasion, but if we get back
there this fall, will take a spin along 'John Shea Avenue'.

What memories THIS one brought back!!  Funny how one reminiscence leads to
another like an unbroken chain linking us all.  At Jan Rider's mention of
Sunshine Lake, the associations flooded in.

My grandparents, Dick and Minnie Atwood, ran the fishing camp at Sunshine
Lake for years, along with their farm at Henrietta.  My grandad used to
skate all over that lake in winter, pulling my Mother and Aunt Geneva in a
boxed-sled.  As a matter of fact, I was born at Sunshine Lake and lived
there for over a year before we all moved into town (Lexington)!   My
great-grandparents continued to live in the two-story brick house at the
lake (protected from the lake by a big earthen dike) with the younger of
their 17 children (Grandpa Dick was the oldest) for another 11 or 12 years
after we left.  The house I was born in burned down on a Christmas Day, due
to faulty wiring on an electric train set connection.  We spent many, many
big family celebrations there and Jan's letter made the little rental
cabins, sand, sandburs, water lilies and the watermelon field across the
road pop into my mind as clearly as if I saw them yesterday.  Thanks to Jan,
for the memories.

Another Jan

From Babe Kehrees Thompson
Susan,  Received your "newsletter" today and what a pleasant surprise.  Thanks to Mary Pat Gueguen Miller for adding me to your list.  I am still connected to Lexington as I still own our family home at l724 Franklin. It is rented most of the time, when I can find a good renter.  As I am sure everyone knows, my sister Sophie Vialle still lives in Lexington and my other older sister Katena Vleisides lives in Kansas City.  Our brother George Kehrees (Sophie's twin) died a few years ago.  I hate to appear greedy, however, I sure would enjoy reading the first six issues.  What a marvelous idea --- it's a great newsletter.  It is such fun to read about Lexington and old friends and very enjoyable.  Again, many thanks.   
Evangeline (Baby Kehrees) Thompson (Class l952)
From Eileen Mischon Carpenter:
Speaking of Greg (Ed: her son) --when he was in high school he was visiting Lex one time
and stopped in front of your house to take some pictures.  He was quite good
at making drawings from pictures and loved old homes.  Your mother came out
and asked him what he was doing and he told her.  He also mentioned that his
grandparents lived in Lex.  When your mom asked him who they were they
invited him in and showed him all around.  He was so impressed with your
parents and their home.

Would you please sign my cousin, Ray Mischon, up for the TLC.  His email is

Thanks for the news.  Keep up the good work!
From Duane Schlueter:
Mom had a stroke several years ago and is in the nursing home at Concordia. She's doing great for 96 years  of age and would like to find a little white house to live in but that's not possible at her age.
And from Susan Shea Worthington:
So many of you have written it would be impossible to include all the welcome comments I have received, about my father and about TLC. Rest assured I will NOT print anything personal without permission. Please send your news. I know people are gobbling this up and want more. And now that I have learned to "copy" and "paste" etc. I can send them along. Maybe even some digital pictures???
More soon! Your turn!
Your devoted scribe,

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