TLC logo TLC #7:  March 16, 2001


Dear Hearts & Gentle People:
At this writing your old hometown is a virtual Christmas card. Yes, when we should be celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we are observing at least two inches of the wet clinging snow that makes everything a winter wonderland. However, it is much more appreciated in December than mid-March when the daffodils are half-way up.
I write today with a personal joy to share. On Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 11:00 the Missouri Department of Transportation is renaming Highway 13 extension in Lexington John Shea Avenue.
Some of you may not know that my father, who died in 1980, owned the Daily Advertiser-News from 1947 until 1959. His memory is being honored because he pursued, pushed, and cajoled to have that street put through. He, and of course many others, recognized that our state treasure - the Battle of Lexington Historic Site - was very difficult for tourists to find.
Remember when you had to wander residential streets to get to the Anderson House? Most of you recall when there was no street located next to what is now Hardee's and was then the Mainstreet Theatre. Bland-McAlister station was on the east side.
When the cleverly named Highway 13 Extension was officially opened, my children were invited to hold the ribbon for the dignitaries who cut it. Now, at age 39 and 37, I hope they will be able to repeat the act when their grandfather is honored.
And it would please me if any or all of you could be there. We'll have a little reception afterwards. Sen. Mathewson - and I sincerely hope Ike - along with MoDOT reps, will be there. If weather and her health permit, my mother (nearly 87) will be there.
One of the perks of doing this newsletter is receiving such great mail from you readers. And it is simply amazing how many of you have written that my father gave you your first job, and that he treated you with respect and genuine interest. Some of the notes have been very funny, and some quite touching. I treasure each one.
Enough of my personal news, and on with Jan (Rider) McCoy's! She has been a super "new" friend since the inception of TLC. She writes "I still live in Joplin and have my home up for sale. My son will be building me a new home on some property he and his wife own. They are building a seven acre lake called "Sunshine Lake" and if it doesn't fill with water we will have the biggest crater in SW MO. It will be stocked with fish and now when people tell me to go paddle my canoe I can. (That's bad.) Have been widowed for two years but very busy and my children and grandchiildren live close to me. Good friends and family are important to me. Have to come to Lexington though and get that hometown feel now and then. Sold Mom and Dad's home a few years ago and boy was that hard. Had been my home base for about 50 years. Gee Guys - are we really that old??? My best to all!!!  Jan"
And another passing to announce: Dr. Joe Ward died yesterday. His service will be graveside rites in Columbia. Joe and Billie moved to (I believe) Cape Girardeau a few years ago.
Garnered from the newspaper: the auditorium (currently being refurbished back to its glory days) has been designated the local disaster shelter. In case of emergency the auditorium will be unlocked for use as a shelter.
The grand new B&L Bank will open on Monday 3/26, and Bank Midwest is celebrating its recent facelift with a reception at 2:00 3/23.
You know... people often say nothing ever happens in Lexington, but I simply cannot keep up with the activity now. And that's good news. Until next time I am,
Your faithful scribe,

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